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Team Shopping List

Team Shopping List

by Denis Tüselmann-Artemjew

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  • Team Shopping List
  • Team Shopping List

Shopping List for easy shopping with friends

This app enables you to shop with your own shopping list. You have it always with you and you can easily edit, store and share it. If you like you can edit your list by voice control.

You can shop in team with your friends

By sharing your shopping list via cloud incognito with other devices you can go shopping as a team and check your list quickly. This app allows you a new shopping experience with your friends.


* Shopping List for yourself and team-shopping
* Incognito Sharing for more privacy
* Sharing shopping list with friends for contemporaneous shopping
* Edit, save, load, send and receive a shopping list
* Talk-component for editing the shopping list 
* Available in English and German
* contains ads

My reason for creating this App was actually that I was fed up with weekly writing (more or less) the same shopping list with 30 – 40 items. I thought of writing a “master-list” and then print it every week and just adjust little variations, but having it on my phone seems to be smarter an protects our environment as it saves all the paper that would be cast away otherwise. 

Also sharing it with your partner or friends makes it easier to shop at the same time in different shops and saves even more paper. 

An important feature for me is the possibility to add shopping items by talking with the phone, because I am just a lazy phone-typewriter.

As last reason I can mention that in Europe people are concerned about privacy and therefore the “incognito-sharing” function matches my requirements.

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