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Text Editor Plus

03 Feb 2017 App Of The Day

Text Editor Plus


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  • Text Editor Plus
  • Text Editor Plus
  • Text Editor Plus
  • Text Editor Plus

Simple Text Editor app to open, edit, delete, rename and save text files to and from the SD card.

- Simple Notepad app to manage text files effectively.
- Create new folder in the application.
- Create, edit and rename text file easily.
- In the editor user can cut, copy or paste the content that worked like notepad.
- Delete unwanted files and folders.
- Directly open text file from any other app 
- Can send file as attachment via Email instantly.
- Keep the screen in the awake state so you can read for longer time.
- Supported file formats like .txt, .html, .xml, .php .java and .css
- User can save files to any folders in the file system
- Can open text files directly via mail application attachment
- Also working like a File Manager

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