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31 May 2023 App Of The Day


by toskie

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The Toskie application connect the people around you to give the business & to get the business, and work done of your daily Needs or professional services


This will help you for the people to connect for the different services. We're living in the society where we don't know who's our neighbor and their profession, but we all know as they are working professional in various industries, and everyone has different skill apart of their main occupation / revenue source.


Help the People/users to get daily bases need of Service in Demand Like “You Name You GET IT “ Need Painter , Music Teacher , Magician , Event Organizer, Tuition teacher , Art teachers , Electrician ,Plumber, Web designer, Nurse Service, Homecare, Maid or babysitter, Carpenter , Bathroom fitter, Garden Service, laundry Services, App Developer, Lawyer Services, Computer Repair, sales, and More & More .. one of these or other required service guy and Professional Service Provider could be at your next door or in your neighborhood, or in your area/city.


Toskie will help them (user and service provider) to connect each other to get work done, such everyone can list their skills in Toskie app and let others to connect them to make the business. By this application every person can be entrepreneur & employee.


Toskie allows you to power your business on the go by instantly notifying you of customer leads, allowing you to optimize your profile, collect reviews, and more! · Reach quality customers looking to start new projects.

If you like what we’re doing with the app, leave us a review on the App Store and Play Store.

Hiring contractors or Service Professional for any services or projects is quick and easy – Connect with local contractors using our instant connect option.


Download Toskie for free today, and find professional, contractors, Service Providers nearby service projects anytime, anywhere.


Toskie Features:


All payments to be done to the service provider and Toskie makes zero Commission fees. (Toskie will not charge any commission)


If you have suggestions on how we can improve or find a bug in the app, send feedback to: appsupport@toskie.com or https://toskie.com/contactus


Privacy Policy: https://toskie.com/privacypolicy

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