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Tota - English Learning App

04 Apr 2023 App Of The Day

Tota - English Learning App

by Mission Games

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  • Tota - English Learning App

Tota is an English learning app where people can practice speaking English fluently and improve listening skills with friends and assess themselves systematically. If you are looking for English Speaking course or online English grammar learning then you are at right place. Just download the Tota English learning and speaking app and start to learn for free. After having online English classes here in this app you will also improve your English listening skills as well as fluent English conversation with your buddies in the profession. Now you don’t need to go anywhere to learn English speaking and to learn English grammar as Nagorik Tech presents very simple English speaking course in the best English learning app to its users.
Learn fluent English by sitting at their home in this Tota – English learning app. While preparing your English speaking and listening skills you will have different exercises to practice and to test your learning ability. Here is a simple and easy way to learn grammar and speak English. If you are looking to improve your English fluency then don’t wait just download the app and start you online English classes from today and say hello to the world. You will become English master in just few days. Now a day’s English language is common among all of us but it’s a little bit difficult to speak for new learners as they don’t have confidence on their English knowledge. But don’t worry there is a solution for every problem. Just search for Tota - English Learning App and install it. It will lead you to a solution for English learning and speaking problem for sure.

Tota - English Learning App will help you:

- To master spoken English naturally
- To learn English grammar and achieve the knowledge on basic speaking and listening
- To gain confidence in English conversation with anyone anywhere
- To express thoughts clearly in English in public speech and make it easy to speak
- To engage in group discussions in English
- To tell interesting stories in English
- To understand different tones & phrases and use them in speaking
- To attend job interviews and viva voce with full confidence
- To understand differences between verbal and non-verbal communication
- To understand differences between active and passive listening
- To practice English properly
- To do better in speaking and listening tests
- To learn basic use of grammar in speaking
- To prepare for IELTS
- To learn more vocabulary
- To make proper sentences with proper words
- To translate better
- To read and pronounce well

Anyone can join especially who are:

- Facing problems in verbal communication in English
- Not feeling confident in speaking.
- Facing constant criticism while speaking.
- Aiming to ace job interviews and viva.
- Desiring to be skilled at ease
- Preparing to be good at spoken English
- Not good at English listening
- Willing to practice speaking and listening English properly

Tota - English Learning App Features:

- Registration with primary assessment
- Specific skill-based assessment
- Instant practice with randomly selected same level user
- Watch great English learning videos on English speaking and listening
- Invite friends to practice
- Discussion room - Private or Public run by moderator or creator
- Language Learning Modules
- Skill Test Gamification and Gratification
- Reward for weekly top rankers in different skill segments
- Certification after 100 hours of assessment
- News Feed to Create posts

Tota - English Learning App is an excellent app with great video lessons on speaking and listening features.

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