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Trade The Games: Crypto Game

Trade The Games: Crypto Game

by Trade The Games

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  • Trade The Games: Crypto Game
  • Trade The Games: Crypto Game
  • Trade The Games: Crypto Game
  • Trade The Games: Crypto Game
  • Trade The Games: Crypto Game
  • Trade The Games: Crypto Game
  • Trade The Games: Crypto Game
  • Trade The Games: Crypto Game

Trade The Games is India’s first crypto fantasy trading game that has been launched by Technoloader IT Solutions provider. It is a pioneering platform that brings together fantasy gaming and online trading while getting the best results out of them

The aim of this crypto-based fantasy game is the make the uninitiated familiar with the niceties of trading. It is very helpful when you want to understand market fluctuations, various strategies, and safe trading. It also helps in sharpening the skills of trading without any risks.

TTG does a great job of bringing all the components of fantasy gaming and crypto trading. It encourages the enthusiasts to delve deeper into this field while giving them great rewards too. The contests yield so many rewards which are transferred to the wallet as INR.

Noteworthy features of Trade The Games

  • Secured transactions

  • Hassle-free withdrawal/deposit

  • Easy signup and onboarding

  • Referral rewards and bonuses in INR

  • Immersive & interactive environment

  • Specifically developed for Indian crypto enthusiasts

  • User-friendly and intuitive user interface

  • No investments, no cash, only a contest entry fee is required to pay

  • Participants can pick out any crypto pair of their choice from the pair list

Things To Keep In Mind While Playing:-

  • Knowledge of financial concepts

  • Practice more before exposing yourself to real market

  • Understand the kind of strategies while practising

  • Evade risks and losses by learning crypto trading

  • Deeply understand behaviour & market fluctuations

  • Experiment with strategic skills and winning moves

  • Be familiar with the crypto trading app on a virtual trading platform

  • Anyone can join this online crypto trading game and win rewards

  • No more direct investment into the crypto trading app is needed

​​​​​​​A go-to platform for the newbies who are trying to learn to trade and earn through it.


  • Age should not be less than 18 years

  • Less than 5 bids will not be considered

  • TTG is not associated with NSE, BSE, SEBI

  • KYC completion is mandatory for withdrawal and bonus & rewards

  • TTG is not a trading platform there is no use of real cryptocurrency

TTG: Helping You Become An Expert In Trading

This platform has been built to give excellent results to people who want to learn trading while doing away with all the risks. The TTG is built to give an impetus to the learning curve of crypto trading. It helps them sharpen their abilities to trade and it gives you some great benefits too.

You also get 3 different types of wallets are reward wallet, a winning wallet, and a cash wallet. The amount in the cash wallet should be added from the user’s linked account. With the help of all 3 wallets, you are able to manage your spending as well as rewards easily.

In the incipient stage of trade, the TTG allocates the virtual amount to the participants’ wallets. The participants need to hit buy/sell at least a minimum of times in each contest. The chart shows and candlesticks do a great job of showing you all the updates related to the markets. You can also pick any crypto pair of your choice from the pair list.

A higher portfolio can guarantee profitable results if they’re maintained properly. This platform emerges as a very unique instrument that helps in diversifying the investment portfolio.

Feel The Real Potential Of Fantasy Trading With TTG

The first-ever crypto fantasy trading games achieve some amazing feats while giving a perfect outcome to everyone. It makes the learning of the crypto trade very easy while letting you strategize the trade in various ways.

Gain expertise in buying/selling crypto assets with TTG!

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