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Translator - English Hindi

Translator - English Hindi

by bonanza app studio

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  • Translator - English Hindi
  • Translator - English Hindi
  • Translator - English Hindi
  • Translator - English Hindi
  • Translator - English Hindi
  • Translator - English Hindi
  • Translator - English Hindi
  • Translator - English Hindi
  • Translator - English Hindi

Enjoy the world's best offline Translator & Dictionary for your phone, with instant lookup and offline translations for more than 70 languages.

By using Translator & Dictionary, just one click and you will get the meaning of any English word in Hindi or vice versa.

It's time to learn the beautiful language of Hindi for a few minutes every day! You can now use the Translator & Dictionary app on your phone to do just that. It has over 400,000 words and phrases for you to learn and put in your head. It also has an offline version so you can use it even if you don't have an internet connection.

Other extra facilities provided by this Translator & Dictionary app as per below

  • Word book
  • Voice translate
  • Vocabulary
  • Phrase
  • Favourite library
  • History saving
  • Chemistry
  • Financial
  • Business terms
  • Mathematics
  • Human anatomy
  • Accounting
  • Medical diagnosis
  • English idioms

Discover the power of knowing more than one language. With our offline Translator & Dictionary app, you can translate English to Hindi or Hindi to English. The perfect tool for those looking to learn a new language or want to know what those funny words in another language mean.

When you need a word translated from Hindi to English or vice versa, this Translator & Dictionary is perfect. There are over 400,000 words translated with definitions, sample sentences and synonyms. It's built for everyone who wants to learn the other language or for someone who is bilingual. Great for travellers and business people!

It's easy to use with a user-friendly interface and a sleek design. Search anything in English, Hindi or both languages. You can even type in a word or sentence and get instant translations. The content is also fully offline, so you don't need internet connection to access it!

Whether you're a student or an adult, we all know how hard it is to find the right word when we're stuck on a definition. That's why we have created extra contain, a Translator & Dictionary that comes with a search bar and suggests words for you as you type. With this new tool, you will never get stuck again!


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