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Trinity (ТИС)

Trinity (ТИС)

by Techyverge

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  • Trinity (ТИС)

Trinity is the first three-component integrated system in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which includes:
1. A program for automating the management of trade, rendering services, performing work and accounting for goods.
2. Online cash register with the function of fixing and transmitting data.
3. Solution for accepting non-cash payments
Allows an individual entrepreneur applying a regime based on a simplified declaration to increase the VAT registration threshold and the income threshold.
-The Trinity system is included in the Unified Register of three-component integrated systems under No. 1 dated October 9, 2020.
-The Trinity system meets the requirements for a three-component integrated system and its accounting, installation and application rules set out in the Order of the Minister of Finance No. 953 of September 2, 2019.