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01 Jul 2018 App Of The Day


by TriviaMaker

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Welcome to the Beta version of TriviaMaker Web App. Make your own quiz &  Entertain your audience with fun features like theme songs, sound effects, and animations.

TriviaMaker is an exciting "build your own quiz / gameshow" app. The layout of the board is a lot like the game Jeopardy! or other category based game shows.

It is fully customizable so it allows you to use your own categories and questions to build your own game board. You can even use your own colors, theme song, and logo.

It has sound effects, smooth animations, and a scoreboard to help you engage your audience. Whether you're using this to train your employees, celebrate your staff, review for a test, or throw a family party, everyone is sure to have a great time.

Trivia Maker is also cloud based, so once you create an account, you can create a quiz on one device and then display it on another device in front of your audience using a TV or Projector.

If you're looking for a trivia builder, quiz maker, test creator, or template generator, this is the perfect app for you. It will help you create your own quizzes, build your own templates, and host your own game shows.

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