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TweakPass - Password Manager

TweakPass - Password Manager

by Tweaking Technologies

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  • TweakPass - Password Manager
  • TweakPass - Password Manager
  • TweakPass - Password Manager

Looking for a secure way to save and organize your passwords? TweakPass – Free Password Manager app is a safe and easy solution!
TweakPass protects all your passwords and personal information in an AES encrypted secure vault. All you need to do is remember TweakPass master password and let the app auto-fill all the login details for you.
Download TweakPass today and protect your online information from threats.

Features of TweakPass:
• TweakPass autosaves credentials in a secure vault for ease of access.
• Generates complex and strong passwords in a single tap.
• Save confidential information in Secure Notes.
• Auto fills login details on apps that require login.
• Sync your passwords across multiple devices and platforms.
• Access your data with a single master password.
• In-built browser to provide secure web browsing.
• Fingerprint unlocking on supported devices.
• Provides option to pin frequently used items.

Why use TweakPass – Password Manager
Remembering different passwords for all the accounts isn’t easy. That being said, you either write them on a sticky note or in a word file which isn’t right. As this makes data susceptible to breaches. But with TweakPass you can securely store login credentials and other sensitive details such as credit card numbers, social security and financial information. This will not only save time but will also save you from the hassle of remembering multiple passwords for different accounts while keeping your privacy intact.
The benefits of TweakPass don’t end here. Besides storing passwords TweakPass gives an option to Generate strong passwords. Moreover, TweakPass takes privacy and browsing to next level by offering inbuilt browser to keep you safe while you surf.

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