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Typs: Flirt With Confidence

12 Oct 2019 App Of The Day

Typs: Flirt With Confidence

by salina masons

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  • Typs: Flirt With Confidence
  • Typs: Flirt With Confidence
  • Typs: Flirt With Confidence
  • Typs: Flirt With Confidence
  • Typs: Flirt With Confidence
  • Typs: Flirt With Confidence

Are you a person of few words? Or are you a person of many words but get stuck, when it the time to text?

If these two sums up any of your situation then our App of the Day: Typs is the perfect pitch to help you Text anybody or everybody across the globe!


What is so tempting in Typs!

We would say, what is not! This deserves a try because the texts are easy and cheesy to ping your date!


  • We don’t make it difficult for you!

If coming aboard? If yes, then we make it simply easy for you! Come with us, using your Facebook profile or Twitter handle. Because some of you want things to be done easily, we also provide registration with an email address!


  • When emotions are many, texts should be many as well!

We have a range of message because we know feelings can never be expressed well in just a few words. With 9 categories of different categories, we believe, we have provided you with as many choices as possible!


  • Show up some love!

We know, how important it is to impress, so we have a range of various texts. How about you are showering some love upon us?

You want our texts to include something more? Want something to be improvised, simply use the options of vote: Upvote or Downvote!


  • Be creative?

You have got some good expression style? Join us and craft your own messages! Know when somebody has started following you or upvoted any of your OWN creation.

We know, appreciating is caring ;) Who knows, your love of life could be someone, from the gang of Typs!


  • Make your feed as per your choice.

Who would tell us better what you want, other than you? Because we know you are the best choice for you!


Is there aselective person to follow and keep a note of their amazing texts? It is also completely okay if you want to keep some profiles away from your Feed!


Made your use of Typs easy because we know; you love to protect your privacy.


  • Want something fancy to be associated?

Own your account and add your personalized touch to it. Have your Display Name and Full Name same.

You can choose a fancier name as your Display Name! Whatever you pick: the control is in your hands! 


How to Use Typs?

With the ease of installing and getting abroad, here is what you have to do once you are on it!

Launch Typs and get to the Leaderboard or the trending section by simply tapping them.


Know the current interests of people from the new section or even compose your own cheesy lines.


Last words: With our need to be loved and talked with, everybody can't create their own texts. Typs is friend by your side to help you with texts in all moments of your life. 


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