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UNDECIMO: Comparte lotería de navidad ante notario

UNDECIMO: Comparte lotería de navidad ante notario

by Mobiman

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  • UNDECIMO: Comparte lotería de navidad ante notario
  • UNDECIMO: Comparte lotería de navidad ante notario
  • UNDECIMO: Comparte lotería de navidad ante notario
  • UNDECIMO: Comparte lotería de navidad ante notario
  • UNDECIMO: Comparte lotería de navidad ante notario

UNDECIMO Share a Christmas lottery before a notary is the only App that allows you to share any tenth you bought in an administration with your friends before a notary at a LOW COST price.

It's as easy as taking a photo of the tenth you want to share, invite your friends and make a selfie each. Forget about sharing tenths of RANDOM forms, signing behind, sending photos by whatsapp and other ways that are not legal and do not give you any security. With our app you will have a certificate deposited before a notary that you share your tenths with your friends and before a legal problem you will have the best possible proof that those tenths were shared.

Why share a lottery before a notary? Because 1 out of 3 shared fat prizes ends up in court. And what we want is that you share a Christmas lottery with the peace of mind that no one can take away what is yours, in case it touches the jackpot. And have a legal and valid test so that nobody would think of eloping to the Bahamas.

Our advantages:
Share lottery with digital certificate deposited before notary in an easy and simple way.
Share as many Christmas lottery tenths as you want in a single certificate.
Identify yourself biometrically with a selfie, 100% sure, 100% you.
Easily add the tenths you want to share with a photo and you're done.
Share where and when you want, you just need your phone and our app.
24 hours after sending your certificate to the notary, you and your friends will receive it on your mobile.
100% SECURE App with SSL encryption and with the collaboration of the most important banks in Spain: BBVA and Redsys.

We are sure that every year when you play the Christmas lottery and share it with family, friends and co-workers you have the doubt, do you have it? Do I have it? Do we sign it? Photo? And the worst of all, is that all this does not help at all legally.

UNDECIMO certifies your shared accounts in the easiest way possible at an unbeatable price. It was time for the notary to have a price for our generation.

UNDECIMO Sections:
-Notary: This is where you can buy your certificate to share the Christmas lottery that you bought physically and want to share it with your friends legally.
-Find: Look for any number that interests you or better look for things that interest you and we propose numbers.
-Pedidos: Access to all orders and certificates that you have made from the full app or our website, remember, we are cross-platform.
My data: Manage your user data, payment methods and shipping address.
-Balance: From this section check your balance, check your purchases, enter money or collect your prizes quickly.
-Help and announcements: This section is sure that you like, since you can talk to us directly by chat in real time and without intermediaries. We will solve your doubts in a flash and you will see it.

Our project has been endorsed and developed jointly with the University of Alicante, BBVA, MRW and a great human team.

Enter and download our app, you will see how simple everything is and if you do not think so, here we are to make it easy for you.

Remember, UNDECIMO is the only app that allows you to share a Christmas lottery with a notary in an easy, safe and economical way. May the LUCK accompany you if you share a tenth of the fat one and you have not certified it before a notary!

Do you have any doubts about UNDECIMO? Write to clientes@undecimo.es

IMPORTANT: This version of UNDECIMO (Lite), your lottery sharing app, does not allow you to buy tickets or tenths of Christmas Lottery, Child's Lottery, Quiniela, EuroMillions, Primitiva and the rest of the State Lotteries and Bets games (SELAE) .

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