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Universal Tv Remote Control

Universal Tv Remote Control

by Earn and Learn

  • Universal Tv Remote Control

Tv remote control app for all televisions works perfectly as an android app to operate remote control for televisions. Universal tv remote control works on all televisions without any special devices. If you have lost your remote control of tv then we have the best android universal remote control tv app for your television. Install free and start using a remote control alternative for your television.

How to use Tv Remote:

* Tap on tv brands and open the list of all tv brands.
* Search your tv brand model remote control.
* Use your ir placement in front of tv and press the desired button to start tv remote.
* If remote is not working change your position of the remote device to move closer to tv.

Features of Tv Remote Control Application:

1. Remote Control for all top brand tv.
2. Channels up and down control through remote app.
3. Mute and un mute tv through remote control application.
4. Control sound volume through remote control for tv application.
5. Select any brands and use as your remote control for tv.


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