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VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker

18 Mar 2017 App Of The Day

VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker

by Vishal Bodkhe

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  • VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker: Call and SMS Blocker

Stop spam callers and block unwanted calls with a few clicks and swipes with the most popular Android app for call blocking – VBlocker. This highly user-friendly app is developed to be the #1 Call blocker and SMS blocker in the market.

VBlocker promotes a hassle free mobile experience to its user base with an array of unique attractive features. VBlocker is not a mere app to block unwanted calls, but a lifesaver. The superiority of the Call blocker and SMS blocker app is due to its unique features and performance that competitor apps cannot offer. This is simply the glitch free version of current Android apps for call blocking available in the market.

Unique Features Of VBlocker
Apart from the user-friendliness, attractive and minimalistic UIs, and high-end performance, the R&D component of the app led the team of developers to take blocking unwanted calls into a new level.

Below are the key highlights implemented to the latest version of VBlocker after researching on more than 25 top call blocker and SMS Blocker apps in the market.

VBlocker has introduced a range of inimitable features such as:
• Spam Community Blocking (Automatically block spam call and spam text message as per spam server report database)
• Spam Caller Identification and Pop up
• Private number blocking
• Blocking unlimited numbers
• International Call and Text Blocking
• Schedule Blocking (offers a range of options to create their own schedule of activating call blocking)

The Call Blocker And SMS Blocker App Also Facilitates:
• 6 methods to block unwanted calls (via the Call Logs, Contacts, SMS Logs, Series/Word, Manual Numbers or ‘Unknown’ Number List)
• Create Whitelist contacts list
• Voicemail Blocking (Supports only in lower version devices, not all. In higher version 5.0 and later Android Framework deny the permission of call accept and hang and that is the reason it is not working. One can give it a try)
• Wildcard Blocking (Start with and ends with)
• Call and SMS Blocking Log
• Identify and Report Spam option
• Recent Call logs with dialer and Contacts tab
• Battery Level Blocking
• Password Protection
• Backup And Restoration Capability
• Auto Response Capability
• Export History
• A Range Of Awesome Skins
• Customized levels of blocking for each number
• Compatible with Android versions 2.3 and above
• Supports 42 widely used international languages with Choose Language Option

VBlocker call blocker app also presents its users with a minimal number of ads in the free version, Read/Unread Badges, ON/OFF checkbox to control the Blocker Service, faster and reliable blocking, numerous suggestions and improvements, user-friendly settings, and different skins. The Call and SMS blocker android app’s non-irritating rating and advertisement principals is another feature that distinguishes the app from the competitors.

Download the most advanced call blocker Android app of all times to block unwanted calls and stop spam callers for good!

**All your suggestions, comments and issues can be dropped via an email through http://vblocker.net.

If your device runs on Android V4.4 and above, it is necessary to Set VBlocker as the Default SMS app to support SMS Blocking as per Android Framework. VBlocker will be your SMS app for send and receive text messages.

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