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VBlocker - SMS Blocker

25 Jan 2017 App Of The Day

VBlocker - SMS Blocker

by Vishal Bodkhe

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  • VBlocker - SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker - SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker - SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker - SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker - SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker - SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker - SMS Blocker
  • VBlocker - SMS Blocker

Why is VCharger considered the no.1 for battery charger?
Are you an individual tired from slow battery charging? You are not alone; charging your phone battery faster than normal time one does not like to wait long. And many battery charging apps have been introduced to the mobile world as a solution. Nevertheless, when considering the reviews of these apps, it is certain that these apps have not met the expectations of the users due to various reasons. VCharger is launched to put a stop to all these issues and provide android users a fastest battery charger and mobile experience.

VCharger is guaranteed to be superior to most of the apps since it was designed after conducting a thorough research on over 25 existing apps. The new app extracted the preferable qualities and eliminated the glitches of the prevailing apps. Thus, VCharger is considered the no.1 in the market in terms of fastest battery charging, UIs, app performance, user friendliness and no advertisements means ads free version!

Unique features of the VCharger:

8 methods to super fast battery charging – The versatile app allows you to charge battery by 8 suggestions to perform on phone or on single click when you plug the charger.

2x and 3x Faster Charging – By enabling 2x and 3x charging methods you can get battery charged very fast which is impossible in competitor apps.

Start Fast Charging Option – Unique feature to VCharger battery charger app. One tap fast charging started by using this option.

Battery Information – VCharger shows battery information like voltage, temparature, type of battery, level and health.

Fully Charged Notification – This feature of VCharger provides the notification when battery is fully charged.

Supports a wide range of Android devices – VCharger Battery Charger app is compatible with Android versions 3.0 and above.


Above are just a handful of top-notch features offered by VCharger. In addition to those no ads in the free version, easy-to-use interface, advanced charging suggestions, and highly convenient non-irritating rating and advertisement principals have made a great impression on the all times best battery charger app.

What does VCharger Free package offer?
The VCharger Free Package is ready to deliver a better experience to its users through the following user-friendly features, which are added advantages than other competitors apps.
-> Zero Ad Policy 
-> Real Battery Charging
-> Light weight app
-> Beautiful user interface
-> Choose App Language Option with 15 most popular languages

Hurry up and download this exclusive battery charging app and be entitles to the unmatched benefits it offers.

** If you have any problems with running this app or you would like to give suggestions please send email to vishbodkhe@gmail.com.

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