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Vehicles Cloud

23 Nov 2019 App Of The Day

Vehicles Cloud

by salina masons

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  • Vehicles Cloud

Access the calendar to register and schedule events. Attach checklists, notes, and pictures. Share your vehicles with other people and with mechanics and other professionals to receive certified services in their name on your behalf. Each event can be shown or hidden to the co-workers. If you are a mechanic, create your Service Point profile and ask your customers to share their vehicles with you, then you can access the information and certify or schedule events for them.


It is a good practice to follow a proper maintenance plan for your vehicles! It will ensure a long life and a higher value to them. Ultimately, it will increase safety to you and to the people on the streets.


The valued functionality of the app is that you can share your vehicles with others and collaborate with them. By sharing a vehicle, you allow the co-workers to access the information about it, to see the content of the calendar and pictures or to create events for you.


When you add a Service Point to the co-workers of a vehicle, he/she can create certified services in his/her name on your behalf or plan new technology works for you to remember.

What’s New


Version 5

Welcome to version 5! In this update you will see a dramatic change in the user interface and in your experience while using the app. iOS 13 made many improvements and you will notice them immediately.

With the new version, some additional features have been implemented:

- you can add an ice glyph to your vehicles and to the events you register in the calendar

- you can easily reach Service Points thanks to more contact and social media information

- you can browse the app with a few touches from anywhere

- you will se your choice on dark/light mode in your device changing the theme of the app

- you have a dedicated Profile section where you can check your plan, upgrade it and get you personal id

- you can contact the developer, visit the official website and the official social media pages in the About section


What else? Nothing... Just enjoy!

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