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Video Speed Fast & Slow motion

18 Oct 2022 App Of The Day

Video Speed Fast & Slow motion

by seven sol

  • Video Speed Fast & Slow motion
  • Video Speed Fast & Slow motion
  • Video Speed Fast & Slow motion
  • Video Speed Fast & Slow motion

Slow Motion and Fast Motion Video Editor easily creates videos with slow-mo and fast motion effect. Video Speed Ramp Editor is the most commonly needed speed changer for videos.Interestingly, slo mo video editor change speed at multiple parts of the same video. Video speed editor with few taps create stylish videos while applying somewhere fast motion effects and somewhere slow-mo effects to slow down video and speed up video free.
Video speed controller is latest video editor with slow motion effect and fast motion effect to adjust video speed. Slo-mo videos and speed up videos are frequently used everywhere. Speed ramp video editor has made it useful and easy to rapidly adjust videos speed; slow down video speed and meanwhile speed up video. 

Highlighted Features of Video Speed Editor:
Fast Motion Video Editor App
• Fast video maker Speed up videos speed from 0.5x speed up to 4x.
Slow Mo Video Editor
• Video editor with slow motion effect make slo mo video from -0.5x to -4x speed.
Standard & Advanced Speed Changer
• Slo mo video editor standard level separately converts videos into slow motion and fast motion videos. 
• Advanced level of speed changer selectively change speed at multiple parts of the same video.
Easy Slow Motion Video Editor
• Video cutter and slowmotion editor trim the video.
• Slo mo editor offers users to select video to be edited from camera or gallery.
• Video speed editor helps to speed video or slow video without changing video quality. 
• Slo mo editor saves videos in its creation folder which you can delete and share.
Video Speed Editor
• Slo mo editor adds music from phone library.
• Speed changer can mute the original music of video. 
• Slo mo video editor can adjust volume of added music and original audio.

How Video Speed Ramp Editor works?
• Select video from gallery or camera.
• Slo mo Video editor trim the video.
• Select the advanced or standard level for video speed editing.
• Adjust the start and end time of video by dragging timeline slider.
• Standard level applies the slow mo effect or fast motion effect.
• Advanced level apply slow motion & fast motion effects at multiple parts of the video.
• Mute original audio & add music by adjusting its volume.
• Slow mo video maker saves video &lets user to delete and share the speed videos & slow video.

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