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Vijaya Bank Credit Card

18 Oct 2018 App Of The Day

Vijaya Bank Credit Card

by Vijaya Bank

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  • Vijaya Bank Credit Card
  • Vijaya Bank Credit Card
  • Vijaya Bank Credit Card
  • Vijaya Bank Credit Card

Vijaya Bank has developed a mobile application for its Credit Card customers in which the users can view their credit card transactions as well as control their credit card activities. 

Users can also request for various services such as Registering/De-registering new card, Re-generation of pin, Password Change etc. 

The credit card usage related activities include Account Summary, User Profile, Latest Statement, Unbilled Transactions, Payment credit details, Last Transaction Details, Past Statements, Service requests, Register New Card, De-Register New Card, Password Change, Forget Password, Forget User Name, New User Registration etc.

The credit card control related activities include setting of Spending limit, enabling of cash withdrawals from credit card at ATMs, enabling/disabling international transactions etc

For any queries contact ccd@vijayabank.co.in

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