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Vikalp - Remove Apps & Uninstall

29 Jun 2020 App Of The Day

Vikalp - Remove Apps & Uninstall

by Jackjay Games

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  • Vikalp - Remove Apps & Uninstall
  • Vikalp - Remove Apps & Uninstall
  • Vikalp - Remove Apps & Uninstall
  • Vikalp - Remove Apps & Uninstall
  • Vikalp - Remove Apps & Uninstall

Vikalp is a tool to uninstall apps on your Android Phones. It helps free up more space by removing unnecessary apps. Click on the delete icon next to the app name to uninstall it. Easy and Simple!

Improve your device’s performance by uninstalling apps you no longer need. It helps you to free some storage space, prevent many useless apps from draining your battery and improve your device’s performance.


Key Features:
1. Listing User installed apps.
2. Uninstall apps in one click.
3. Quick launch apps.
4. Go to Settings.
5. Share your favourite apps.
6. Clean up storage by removing unused apps.
7. Filter apps based on various categories.
8. Sorting apps if you need alphabetically down first.
9. Visit the play store page.

You can open any app listed on Vikalp by clicking on the chevron button next to the app name.

Vikalp supports filtering apps based on various categories. It provides better app demographics within your device. Vikalp has sorting feature as well in case you want to look alphabetically down first.

Get more control over your apps. Launch them quickly, visit their play store page or go to app settings almost instantly. Have fun together by sharing your favourite apps and games with your friends through Vikalp.

Vikalp cannot uninstall pre-loaded or pre-installed apps in the system because of restrictions.

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