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VIP Password Manager

11 Mar 2018 App Of The Day

VIP Password Manager

by Lucy Li

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  • VIP Password Manager
  • VIP Password Manager
  • VIP Password Manager
  • VIP Password Manager

VIP is pro password manager to secure your accounts and passwords. It can autofill passwords in sites and apps on phones, tablets and PC. Only you can open VIP with a password or fingerprint. 

Password keeper
Best free app to keep your accounts and passwords safe. All information is encrypted and protected by a local master password. Only you know it and have the authentication. VIP also supports fingerprint.

Auto filler
When you open sites and apps in the phone, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Gmail, YouTube, accounts and passwords will be auto filled, you can log in with one tap. On the PC, you can use VIP browser extensions to auto fill accounts and passwords. No need to input by yourself.

Password generator
If your old password is short and simple, you can create an extra strong password with VIP. Enhance security for your accounts.

Card and files vault
Too many credit card and licenses? Let VIP help to manager them. Scan the credits cards to quickly save its number, name and valid date. Save your ID card, driver license, passport etc. You can keep your things in VIP. It can be safe and organized.

Save accounts and passwords in VIP, your data will be secured and organized, you can get and use them easily at all time. Meanwhile, relax your brain!

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