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21 Jun 2023 App Of The Day


by Viva VOLT

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VOLT is a multi-platform educational service that brings a complete digital experience into curriculum-based learning. Dynamic and interactive, the VOLT courses can be learnt in the classroom, at home, or literally anywhere since they work on the whiteboard, the computer and mobile devices. Powered by a robust platform and the cloud, the VOLT app frees the learner and learning from the dependency on the physical books, the classroom environment and schedules. The videos, interactive assessments and intelligent course flow turn learning active and engaging like never before. It is a school in your pocket, a teacher at your command, and a highly effective deployment of technology to curricular learning.

The following courses are currently available to subscribe via the VOLT app:

English Grammar (For Classes 1 to 8)
This comprehensive blended course makes grammar interesting and enjoyable. With attention to concepts, vocabulary, understanding and written expression, VOLT English Grammar makes the student an all-round winner.

Reasoning and Aptitude (For Classes 1 to 8)
Reasoning and logic are the fundamental blocks that form the basis of our thinking process. Introduction of reasoning concepts in early stage of learning lays the foundation of intelligence development. With this course, learners can expect a significant improvement in various skills.
• Critical and Logical Thinking
• Foundational Literacy and Numeracy
• Life and Memory Skills
• Decision-making and Innovation

General Knowledge (For Classes 1 to 8)
General Knowledge is important for the development of one’s overall personality. Being informed about various subjects and domains enables holistic thinking and informed decision-making. It boosts the learners’ confidence and develops a well-rounded personality. Wide knowledge helps in making conversations and in writing with impact. It opens our eyes to different opinions and perspectives.

Atlas (For Classes 3 to 8)
Atlas, as a complement to Social Studies, helps to promote applicative learning. The learners get an overview of the information about the entire globe. It not only covers the physical world but also talks about the human world. The maps and information in an atlas help learners build key literacy skills such as interpreting images, charts, graphs, timelines, maps, as well as texts. These skills will further prepare them to question, evaluate and make sense of the world around them.

Value Education (For Classes 1 to 5)
Values are the ideas, guiding principles and standards of behaviour that a person follows. Value Education focuses on promoting the capabilities, attitudes and skills of students that help them not just in school but also in life after school. It further prepares the students to make the world a better place as well as prepares them for their work life. It leads to overall personality development of the students.

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