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Voice Calculator

26 Jun 2023 App Of The Day

Voice Calculator

by Vasu infotech

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  • Voice Calculator
  • Voice Calculator

Voice calculator is the most basic need of life, probably for working people, engineering students, teachers, clerical work & for other such purposes as carpenters in shops markets are calculated on daily basis. This app has a simple & easy-to-use interface that makes it possible for you to use it as a scientific calculator, bill calculator, financial calculator, digital calculator/simplified calculator. This interactive calculator with multi-calculator features will give you results for all kinds of calculations in a matter of seconds.

Now all you have to do is speak & Voice Calculator will automatically calculate your talk & solve the simple & complex calculations by just talking. This is an android tool application specially designed to make calculations more efficient & productive through voice calculator features. You just need to speak the values ​​with addition, subtraction, division & multiplication & get results within seconds.

Voice Calculator is one of the best Android applications for using voice-activated calculators & other calculators. This App fulfills the basic necessities of life for working people, engineering students, teachers, clerical work & other purposes like carpenters in shop markets very fast calculations on daily basis. This app contains many calculators like Simple Calculator, Scientific Calculator, EMI Calculator, GST Calculator, Simple Interest Calculator, VAT Calculator, SIP Calculator, Unit Converter & etc. Users can change themes or wallpaper for Simple & Scientific calculators. According to their needs. Users can see the history of all types of calculators they have used recently in this application.

Features of Voice Calculator.
> Calculate multiple operations through the Voice input system.
> Manual calculation by simply using a simple calculator.
> Scientific calculations through the scientific calculator.
> Calculate yearly or monthly EMI, Total interest & total payment.
> Calculate the net amount, GST Price & Gross amount.
> Users can obtain the net amount, VAT Price & Gross Amount.
> Users can get maturity amount, Total Deposits & Total Returns.

Voice Calculator is a simple & user-friendly application that ultimately makes your work easier. This application requires an internet connection as users have to speak their questions from the app itself by which the calculator will give instant results for those questions. Users can perform simple and complex calculations according to their needs through speech recognition technology. Users just have to keep in mind that they have to speak all the equations at the same time according to their needs.

Thanks to the clarity of speech, ease of use & size of the keys, this app are ideal for anyone who has difficulty recognizing numbers or figures & we can call it a talking calculator for the visually impaired. Users can share this application link on various social media networks. So, they can download this application & share it with their friends & family members & also ask them to download this application & be a part of the "Voice Calculator" family.

Download this application & give us a review about Voice Calculator. If you find any mistakes or errors, please notify us so that we can resolve them & possibly improve them.

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