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volume booster

volume booster

by wisetech

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volume booster speaker booster can boost the volume of your system up to desire level without any cost or special root access. sound booster is simple and individual app that allow you to manage all volume channel of your media devices. you can adjust the volume of your media devices just by single touch operation.
Download the volume booster app place the icon on your home screen and let the app to do it for you. volume booster app is the real solution of all high sound lover. It is quite useful for audiobooks, movies and games. this app will provide you an amazing experience of sound that can boost the volume of your phone beyond the factory settings.
volume booster has user friendly interface you can adjust the sound as per your desire level by sliding the bar.
• Volume booster has a very user-friendly UI.
• Volume booster is quite useful for audiobooks, movies and games .
• Considerable increase in the volume of phone speaker
• No root access is required for this app

If you have any questions, comment below or send us an email and we will address your concerns or questions as soon as possible
for any destruction or damage of hardware, software while hearing at high volume we are not responsible for it. using it at your own risk.

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