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Volume Booster - Lound Speaker

02 May 2022 App Of The Day

Volume Booster - Lound Speaker

by AndroidBull

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  • Volume Booster - Lound Speaker
  • Volume Booster - Lound Speaker
  • Volume Booster - Lound Speaker
  • Volume Booster - Lound Speaker
  • Volume Booster - Lound Speaker
  • Volume Booster - Lound Speaker

Volume Booster Plus - Speaker Boost & Sound Amplifier is the best free app to increase your phone speaker volume, much more than its full volume limits. Use the speaker amplifier to get an extra high volume boost and enjoy the louder sound, music, voice calls, audio, videos, games & more! This app can also be used as a hearing aid tool for people in need. This audio enhancer app also works just as great as an extreme volume booster and bass booster for headphones.

With a speaker booster, you can increase speaker volume, headphone loudness, and control the music bass. It is a simple sound amplifier and music player booster app that makes your phone audio extra louder. Use this volume boost app during a voice call to increase the audio level to hear loud & crystal clear audio with a free music player equalizer while you listen to music.

Features of Volume Booster Plus - Boost Phone Sound Volume
- Best Phone Sound Booster for Android
- Increase phone volume, audio, video & game sound
- Bass booster and music sound amplifier for headphones
- Increase voice call volume and enjoy loud and clear voice quality
- System volume amplifier for ringtone volume, notification volume and increase alarm volume
- Light Weight Volume Amplifier under 3 MB
- Stereo surround audio effects that bring an immersive sound experience
- Inbuilt Music Player Equalizer to hear loud music and sound quality
- Simple user interface with one click audio booster
- Works on all android smartphones and tablets
- No Root Access Required
- 100% Free Sound Amplifier & Volume Booster app
- A handy Hearing Aid Tool

Is your phone speaker getting inaudible? Do you want to enjoy super loud audio even more than your phone full volume or system default audio volume? Download Speaker Booster & take your speaker audio levels to the extreme level!

With speaker booster, you can increase speaker, music volume and adjust the headphone loudness of your mobile phone, much more than its original limit. This audio booster app is a simple sound amplifier and music player booster that makes your phone extra louder. Use it during a voice call or while playing games & watching movies to increase the audio level to hear better. Volume Booster is a free app to boost your volume, speaker, music or headphone sound volume, like a music amplifier.

Download Volume Booster Plus - Speaker Booster for Android! Enjoy Super Loud Audio & Music!
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If you have any queries, issues, suggestions, or feedback feel free to drop us a message at andbullofficial@gmail.com and we would get back to you as soon as possible.

Playing audio at high volume for long hours may damage your hearing or damage your speakers. We advise you to boost the volume step by step, to get the appropriate volume, suitable for your needs. The developer of this sound booster application is not held responsible for any damage to hardware or hearing, due to excessive use of the volume boost feature.

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