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Volv - Read Less. Know More.

05 Oct 2021 App Of The Day

Volv - Read Less. Know More.

by salina masons

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  • Volv - Read Less. Know More.
  • Volv - Read Less. Know More.
  • Volv - Read Less. Know More.
  • Volv - Read Less. Know More.
  • Volv - Read Less. Know More.
  • Volv - Read Less. Know More.

Volv is an app made for you - the curious, the worldly and the socially-driven generation. We curate the latest news stories along with trending magazine articles and summarize them into 70-words so you can stay informed and evolve yourself in the least amount of time. 



70 WORDS #TLDR: With the attention span of less than 8 seconds, we usually just scan 3 to 5 lines of an article before we move on. To address this, our AI cuts the clutter and gives you the main gist of the article in 70 words or less. This allows you to read at least 5 stories per minute. Basically, it’s your TLDR newspaper.



READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE: If a story interests you and you want more information, you still have the option read the original article by simply clicking on “read more” under the summary. All our stories are curated from top publications.


DAILY NEWS: From politics to sports, tech to entertainment news, we’ve got you covered with daily Volv News. Get updated with breaking news from top publications including CNN, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Business Insider, Tech Crunch, Daily Mail, etc, in just a few scrolls. 



MUST-READ STORIES: We tell you what’s important and what’s trending across all your interests so you can learn and evolve in the least amount of time. We cover different categories such as fashion, science, health and wellbeing, entrepreneur, self-development, etc from top magazines such as Vogue, Time Magazine, Fast Company, National Geographic, Discover Magazine, etc.



VOLV ORIGINALS:  Add depth to any conversation with Volv Digs. While the news tells you what’s happening, we give you the ‘why’ by decoding world events and presenting you with lesser-known facts and links. All facts, no opinions. 


PERSONALIZED FEED: With the constant inundation of news and content every day, it gets difficult to keep up with the most important stories. So instead of having to choose, our Artificial Intelligence model creates a custom feed with breaking news and the latest editorials daily.


MINIMALISTIC UI: Our unique “flashcard” interface fits a 70-word story into one screen. This technique allows you to read a story in a glance and scroll through what’s happening in the world in minutes taking the stress away from having to choose what’s important.


Evolve with us. For Free.

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