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02 Apr 2021 App Of The Day


by Applavia LLC

  • VPN
  • VPN
  • VPN

Are you worried about free internet activity and want to be anonymous to hide your location for sensitive content sharing?

VPN is an inevitable choice for this solution. Its global proxy servers protect you from being tracked and identified.

Browsing online means keeping digital footprints that can be traced by surveillance, hackers, and advertisers. A good VPN not only saves your privacy with ensuring your security but also gives you freedom in your online activity.
Why you should use VPN:
-Secure Your Network
-Hide your Identity and be anonymous
-For the freedom to the internet activity
-Protects your privacy and ensures your security.
-Prevention for Data Throttling
-Get Access to Geo-blocked Services
-Avoid censorship and unblock the websites 
-Access global proxy servers that make you anonymous.

Our free VPN has full encryption technology that shields your data and your identity as well. The reasons Why you choose our App:
- Ultra-fast Free VPN 
- Plenty of global servers
- Strong Encryption technology
- Integrated kill switch
- Anonymous DNS servers.
- No log policy so your data is saved.
- Support for OpenVPN


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