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03 Nov 2020 App Of The Day


by vRockk

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vRockk is a social media connectivity platform for video creation and streaming. Our punchline is, vRockk 'together!' ... the aim is to work collectively with all the players.

Our vision is simple, bringing all the talent from all facets of life to the limelight. To make sure they are recognized for their efforts; rewarded for their skills and become celebrities in their own right. The aim is to work WITH the content creators and to ensure the ethical, visual and production quality of the content.

You can do plenty in vRockk environment:

· Watch the trending stream of videos
· Watch videos that are selected just for you based on your interests
· Keep scrolling to endless stream of creative works from like-minded people
· Go live with your talents and share it with the world
· Explore the endless possibilities of way in which you can draw attention to your skills and talents

Currently Trending on vRockk:

· Music
· Comic Acts & Jokes
· Fashion & Styles
· Entertainment
· Dance & Acting
· Lip Syncing
· Celebrating International Days

The app is in its infancy phase and we are continuously working to improve your experience. So, bear with us as we bring you more features and optimal performance. There is plenty more coming your way, we will keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas, feedback or talents you want showcased, simply write to us and we will reach out to you.

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