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VRV: Voluntary Refund Value

VRV: Voluntary Refund Value

by Mobiman

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  • VRV: Voluntary Refund Value
  • VRV: Voluntary Refund Value
  • VRV: Voluntary Refund Value
  • VRV: Voluntary Refund Value

Void where prohibited. Entrants based in Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Nebraska, Arizona and North Dakota are ineligible for the contests. Consider updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.

VRV (Voluntary Refund Value) is a zero waste recycling app with contests and a sweepstakes giveaway. VRV is an app that allows an individual to set up their recycling schedule for $1.00 and then compete in a word connect contest game.

Recycling on time allows you to compete in a chess contest puzzle on Sunday. Use the recycling map in the VRV app to recycle and find the closest recycle locations.

Sweepstakes: Winning in the sweepstakes is 100% pure luck. Once you log in the VRV app you will have a chance to win a $10.00 sweepstake giveaway every weekday after 6:00 PM PST.

We use a quantum physics random number generator computer card to select winners in the most unbiased and unpredictable manner. We post a picture of our quantum card showing exactly who won. What sweepstakes host have you seen do this?

Contests: Winning in the contest is 100% pure skills. You love to play word games such as; word connect, crossword solver and word finder?

Solve the word puzzle faster than the competition and win cash/prizes with several winners by 11:30 PM PST. Contests may also provide funds for daycare or babysitting near you. Read the jackpot section on our website.

Sweepstake instructions:
*Download the app.
*Sign up.
*Log in.
*Your in!

Word connect contest instructions:

*Every day at 8:00 AM PST, pick a material in the ready to recycle screen and set up your recycling schedule for $1.00.

*Touch game on and solve the word connect game faster than your competition. Only the fastest puzzle solvers will win cash/prizes (one to several winners). Tie breakers may occur. You must finish the game before 4:59:59 pm PST or your entry will be invalid.

Sunday jackpot contest instructions:

*Turn your recyclable materials in by Friday before 5:00 PM PST and your eligible to compete in a chess puzzle (Sunday jackpot). Submit your answer the fastest and win cash/prizes (one to several winners). Tie breakers may occur.

Main features of VRV (Voluntary Refund Value):

* Raising awareness of zero waste management.

*Fun and useful - Contests are fun and recycling is useful. Play Word Connect (Word Finder) and recycle waste.

*Sweepstakes giveaway - 100% pure luck. Win $10.00 every weekday.

*Around me locator- Find the closest recycle locations. Real-time navigation to recycling centers around me (you).

*Recycling schedule for - Wine corks, cigarette butts, batteries, diapers, plastic, building materials, glass, etc.

*Daycare expenses - Recycling and playing contests may provide funds for daycare expenses.


We will program all practical recyclable materials to satisfy your recycling needs. Follow us on social media and share VRV with your family and friends. VRV is your; earth 411, contest, sweepstake giveaway go to.

Now you have an entertaining and rewarding recycling schedule! Recycling converts waste materials into something usable. That is why zero waste management is so important.

VRV is fun and entertaining - We challenge you to challenge us! Download the app and let’s make recycling, contests and sweepstakes fun and honest - Recycle it right!

Note: The official rules, prizes, prize award date, entry deadline, and winners will be in PDF format on the sweepstakes screen of the app or website as required by state law.

Sweepstake URL - https://www.voluntaryrefundvalue.com/#sweepstake

Contest URL - https://www.voluntaryrefundvalue.com/#contest

Jackpot URL - https://www.voluntaryrefundvalue.com/#sunday

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