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Watermark on Photo

27 May 2018 App Of The Day

Watermark on Photo

by Sweet Sugar

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  • Watermark on Photo
  • Watermark on Photo
  • Watermark on Photo
  • Watermark on Photo

Add watermark to your photos. Design your own watermark and put it on any of the image from photo gallery.

Create your own signature, logo, stamp or may be a hand drawn sign, just create save and apply. 

A watermark is a message (usually a logo, stamp or signature) superimposed onto an image, with a great deal of transparency.

Watermark is a great and very effective way to promote your brand, business or website. Using watermarks will prevent anyone (even your competitors) from making use of your images. If you implement them, it will help you protect your work and discourage anyone who wants to use your image to promote their project or business from doing so without your permission

It's a useful premium time-saving and productive app, built and designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, photographers, tattoo artists, social media managers and influencers. As watermark discourage the illegal use of creative material without the permission of its creator 

Protect your copyright of work with this watermark app. 
It’s super easy to add watermark, stamp or text to your photos

With simple steps in no time you will get your first watermark ready to be slapped onto any photo
- Click create watermark 
- Choose the base of watermark from provided watermark templates or type in your signature or just draw using your finger
- Once done save your watermark image in .jpeg or .png format
- Now click on Add Watermark and choose the image onto which you want to apply the newly created watermark
- Choose the watermark image and align it over your picture. Scale, rotate and move the watermark as per your need
- You may choose to apply multiple watermark, stamps to text over your photo

We also let you edit your creation anytime you want, and the changes you make are saved as different watermark.

- Add Text and style it with calligraphic fonts, text color and apply filters to add shadow and transparency
- Pre designed watermarks to suit the needs of many of you 
- Stamps for almost everything you can think of. Just pick the stamp and slam onto your pic
- Date and Time in different formats. You can customize them as per your need as well
- Create – Save – Use – Edit. Yes you can edit your watermark any time you want 

Create stunning watermark templates, digital watermark stamps, timestamps, logo .
Brand your images before you share them online on social networking sites or email them to clients or friends.

Adding a watermark is easy but removal of watermark is not, so please keep the original image after applying the watermark on photo.

Get this desi watermark app and enjoy stamping your images

Please share your feedback with us and let us know how we can further improve.

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