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20 Feb 2017 App Of The Day


by Bosiapps

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WheaterCast is a simple and minimalistic weather application, made entirely in Material Design . The UI of WeatherCast change in accordance with the weather in order to have an immediate view of the situation. 
At the top of the home page you can swipe the information, which are divided by type : General , Temperature , Precipitation, Wind, Sunrise and Sunset, Humidity, Pressure and Visibility.

For the real-time weather, the forecast and the time machine, WeatherCast provides the following data, depending on the locality :
- Weather's description
- Weather's icon
- Maximum temperature 
- Minimum temperature 
- Perceived temperature
- Type of precipitation
- Quantity of precipitation 
- Chance of precipitation 
- Wind direction
- Wind intensity
- Sunrise time
- Sunset time
- Humidity 
- Dewpoint
- Pressure
- Visibility

Available Satellite Images for:

- Material Design;
- Get the weather for your location or search a city in the world;
- Set your preferred location;
- Get an immediate view of the current weather conditions and the next hours / days;
- Look at the detailed information for each hour / day;
- Select your preferred units;
- Travel through time with the time machine to view the weather in the past or in the future (Experimental);
-Weather Camera, capture photo with the actual weather and share it with your friends:
-Weather Alerts;
- Widget;

Available units: Imperial,Metric,British,International system.

Every data provided by WeatherCast are got by http://www.forecast.io and http://www.openweathermap.org

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