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WeInvite - Event Management & Party Planner

WeInvite - Event Management & Party Planner

by WeInvite

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  • WeInvite - Event Management & Party Planner
  • WeInvite - Event Management & Party Planner
  • WeInvite - Event Management & Party Planner
  • WeInvite - Event Management & Party Planner
  • WeInvite - Event Management & Party Planner
  • WeInvite - Event Management & Party Planner
  • WeInvite - Event Management & Party Planner

WeInvite is a digital event management platform, offers a simple means to host an event. All that you need is to register on the platform and create your first event, be it marriage, birthday, baby shower, corporate event. Whether you want artist, musician, singer, cleaning services, restaurant, hotel, venue, magician or anything need to organize a successful event. You will find all different vendors for a specific service on a single platform and choose one that best meets your needs. One of the most difficult aspects of event planning is coordinating between different vendors so the event is conducted in a hassle-free manner. Having a single platform for multiple vendors simplifies coordination and offer a great experience to the attendees. In addition to this WeInvite also streamlines the process of inviting the guests. All that you need to do is send emails to the potential guests and WeInvite will collect the RSVPs for the guests.

Who can join WeInvite?
• Any event planner or organizer, families, and individuals looking to organize an event
• Vendors who offer services such as venue, catering, photography, etc. can partner with WeInvite and load their services on the website

How does WeInvite work for event planners?

• An event planner needs to create his event on WeInvite
• This event will be visible to different vendors
• Vendors who offer services for the specific type of event can upload their menu of offerings
• The event planners can view the services offered by different vendors on a single platform
• They can compare the services and the prices offered by different vendors for a specific service
• They can choose a vendor directly through the platform and engage their services
• After finalizing the different vendors for the event, the event planners can send emails to potential guests. WeInvite collects RSVPs from different guests
• And, for all these services the event planners pay a single consolidated bill.

Benefits of WeInvite to Event Planners

1. Saves time
Event planners need to find different services, compare and finalize vendors for the event. WeInvite offers them different services listed on a single platform. This makes it easy for them to compare different vendors and connect with them. With WeInvite, an event can be organized in a matter of minutes.

2. Simplifies the Process
WeInvite helps an event planner in the end-to-end planning of the event. This takes a lot of stress off the shoulders of the event planners. They can focus on the theme of the event and offer a memorable experience to the attendees.

3. Saves Money
When an event is being planned, the event manager needs to spend on advertising the event and asking for vendors for the event. This not only is a time-consuming process but also costs the planner because he needs to spend on finding specific vendors for the event.

4. Easy to get Vendors Specific for the Event
The vendors required for a particular type of event depends on the nature of the event. When an event planner creates an event, only vendors who can offer services pertaining to that particular type of event will load their menu.

5. App Available
WeInvite is available as an app as well. This means that you can organize the event on the go! You can plan the event from anywhere.

How does an Event Planner pay the Bill?

• The payment will be according to the flow of creating the event
• When you create the event, you can select the vendors for different services such as catering, venue, music, etc.
• Once you place the order with different vendors, you can proceed with the payment.
• If it the first event you have created, you will have to click on “Add New Card.”
• Check the terms and conditions and click on “Pay Upon Confirmation.”
• The orders placed by you will be checked by the vendors for open availability.
• After the orders are accepted by the vendors, the customer service representative at WeInvite will confirm the order and the payment will go through.

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