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WeRun - Join Running Group & Run Daily

07 Feb 2021 App Of The Day

WeRun - Join Running Group & Run Daily

by WeRun

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  • WeRun - Join Running Group & Run Daily
  • WeRun - Join Running Group & Run Daily
  • WeRun - Join Running Group & Run Daily
  • WeRun - Join Running Group & Run Daily
  • WeRun - Join Running Group & Run Daily
  • WeRun - Join Running Group & Run Daily
  • WeRun - Join Running Group & Run Daily
  • WeRun - Join Running Group & Run Daily

Need some fitness motivation? Let WeRun help you in a unique way!

This unparalleled running route planner gives its users a platform to systematically organise running groups and gather the motivation to start their running journey. The app provides a platform for all the running enthusiasts, athletes, and people who are interested in going for a run on a regular basis but lack motivation.

The app provides a platform to build a running route that would be comfortable for their running group by using its easy-to-use features. The app provides convenience to all kinds of people by allowing them to make either public or private groups. The app functions with the aim of motivating people to start their fitness journey by making groups and going on a run with their respective groups.

Some of the unique and helpful features of the WeRun app include running route planner, creating private or public groups, inviting people by sharing links, and building a motivational group of running enthusiasts. So, to start your experience with the map runner app, get started right now.

Here are some of the salient features of the app that will make you explore and get started without any hassle:

⦁ Find groups nearby- You can find public running groups in your area by selecting the desired radius. Note that the default radius is 10 miles and you can go up to a hundred miles.

⦁ Add a title- If you are creating your own group, you can add a title to it before you go ahead. For instance, you can name it as ‘map my route’ or ‘my next running plan’.

⦁ Add a description- After adding the title, you can add a description to your running group. This will let the potential participants know about the running group and the reason behind the existence of the group.

⦁ Set date and time- You can set the date and time of your running plan to keep it organised and easy to remember. It will further help you motivate people by sticking to the date & time.

⦁ Plan a running route- After setting the date and time, the next thing that you will be asked to do is plan your running route. You can choose the starting point, midpoint, and endpoint of your GPS running journey. This feature is aimed at making users plan their route beforehand.

• Public group- Next comes the option of making your group either private or public. The public group will allow anyone using the app to view and join the running group.

⦁ Private group- The private group allows select users to join the group with the link. You can begin with this feature to get comfortable with your jogging tracker group with only people you know.

After following all these essential steps, you are all set to start your map runner experience with your group of people or completely new ones.

Boost your motivation

Having said that, you must also note that the app mainly focuses on making people join a group and stay fit with a collective sense of motivation. It is crucial to support each other within a group, and thus, this app provides a platform to boost each other's motivation and focus on fitness.

Run together, achieve together

The WeRun app will let you build a running route and explore it with the company of your friends or family or completely new people. By running together, the app also focuses on making people collectively achieve their running goals. By offering two kinds of running groups, the app allows you to find a running partner nearby or go on an exciting new journey with new people by joining the public group.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to your jogging track today!

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