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Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA

04 Aug 2022 App Of The Day

Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA

by Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA

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  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA
  • Whatscan :- Toolkit For WA

Whatscan is an apt toolkit for WA. It provides peculiar features that enhance the user experience. With improved security and refined messaging experience, Whatscan is the perfect compliment for people's pet social media platforms!


It allows you to manage more than one user account from a single device! Not only will Whatscan allow you to use more than one account to scan QR codes, but for the very first time now, you can lock Whatsweb with a fingerprint and password.

Bulk Message Sender
Do you find it difficult to reply personally to every contact in your hectic everyday life? Don't worry; we have got the best solution for you. With the bulk message sender feature in Whatscan, you can send messages to your contacts in bulk. It can help businesses and individuals save much time.

Chat Locker
The most remarkable feature is the 'WhatsApp Chat Locker', which avails you of selective privacy. You can lock specific chats in your WhatsApp chat list.

Auto Reply
This is the widely (ubiquitously) used tool by working professionals to engage with a client without giving much time. Here, you can create various messages that can be used according to the clients and situations.

Story Saver
Now you don't require to take screenshots or ask people for the pictures and videos they have shared on their status. With the most useful feature, 'Story Saver', you can now download and share your friends and family members' WhatsApp status. Isn't this exactly what we've wished for?

Sticker and sticker maker
It would be amazing if you could convert your texts into fascinating stickers! Whatscan is the perfect platform with an unprecedented user experience.
You would be tired of installing different apps for stickers. You can use hundreds of stickers.
This single app can also share a pack of stickers with friends.

Direct Chat
We know that people are tired of the tedious process of saving numbers for a one-time message. This feature will allow you to create a new WhatsApp chat without adding it to your phone's contact list.

Recover Deleted Messages
The unusual and exclusive feature "Recover Deleted Messages" lets you recover any deleted message on WhatsApp. Isn't it the most feature? It's very irritating when a person deletes the message for everyone, and we haven't read it, but now you don't need to worry anymore as we can still recover the deleted messages with this feature.

Fake Chat, Profile & Story
Do you love playing chat pranks with your friends? In this app, you can create a fake chat, profile, and status, take a screenshot, share it with your friends, and have fun. This is a fun feature in this app. In this feature, you can manually create a fake chat that will look similar to a true chat only.

Magic Text
To enhance your messaging experience, we have brought a fascinating feature; Magic Text. It will allow you to send the same text in many captivating ways.

Application is the best feature to express your emotions to your friends. You can easily express your feelings in a fun way to your friends.

These features we offer in a single app – "Whatscan:– Toolkit for WhatsApp." So, do you want to enjoy this application having various unique features? Download it and have fun.

Disclaimer & Permissions:

Accessibility Permission:- We take this permission for Automation.

We have to use isaccessibilitytool for automation purposes, and our application doesn't share personal data. We collect personal information like phone numbers and financial information for payment and send audio, video, images, docs, etc.

Whatscan:- Toolkit for WhatsApp was created by Whatscan. Neither is it an official application of WhatsApp nor associated with WhatsApp Inc.
If you have any questions, please contact us at whatscantoolkit@gmail.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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