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WhatsReply for WhatsApp

28 Jun 2017 App Of The Day

WhatsReply for WhatsApp

by Marco Gomez

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  • WhatsReply for WhatsApp
  • WhatsReply for WhatsApp

WhatsReply for WhatsApp

WhastReply for WhatsApp automatically answers WhatsApp messages

WhatsReply for WhatsApp is a free application that performs automatic reply to the messages received in WhatsApp Messenger, available for Android. WhatsReply like WhatsApp uses the Internet connection (4 G/3 G/2 G/edge or Wi-Fi when possible) from your mobile phone. The app automatically answers your friends and family when you're busy. WhatsApp does not incorporate an answering machine to text messages, but thanks to WhatsReply, your mobile phone automatically answers for you to your contacts in WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsReply for WhatsApp:

1) Install and start WhatsApp Messenger
2) Install and start WhatsReply
3) Enter the reply message and activate the automatic reply for WhatsApp Messenger.
4) If it does not work, try entering conversations with unread messages inside WhatsApp until there are none with unread messages and, as a last resort, restart your device.

With WhatsReply:
* Connection status not updated in WhatsApp (You will not be online if you are not)
* You can set the time interval that has to pass from the last message to reply again, as well as the text of the message
* Enable auto-reply only for contacts or also for WhatsApp groups

Warning: WhatsReply is not an official WhatsApp application and has no relationship whatsoever with WhatsApp inc.



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