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WorkDone - Get Local Worker

11 Jan 2022 App Of The Day

WorkDone - Get Local Worker

by Workdone

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  • WorkDone - Get Local Worker
  • WorkDone - Get Local Worker
  • WorkDone - Get Local Worker
  • WorkDone - Get Local Worker
  • WorkDone - Get Local Worker
  • WorkDone - Get Local Worker
  • WorkDone - Get Local Worker
  • WorkDone - Get Local Worker

WorkDone is India's first online platform for providing nearby workers. It will connect users to the best nearby workers (such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, farmworkers, and mechanics) for household work. There is no need to be concerned while hiring a worker since we will always strive to give the user the best service possible. In this technological age, why go outside and hassle searching workers. To get workers, Users have to post a work post in which they have to mention worker type and work details, and then the interested worker will contact the user by bidding or directly on a phone call and make their work done.    


Only Nearby Workers will show to users, as nearby workers can approach users very quickly, and also, users need not go outside to find workers as all the workers are already on Work Done.    



Work-post will only be displayed to a capable worker near the user's residence and can make their work done perfectly and at an affordable price. And, a worker can only do bidding on work-post, which Work Done verifies. 


WorkDone will also be helpful for workers, as in pandemic it is hard to get work, but now from WorkDone, they can get job daily and can also boost their earning.


Get a Worker in 4 Easy Steps 🎯 

- Download the WorkDone app     

- Signup with Google     

- Post your Work Requirement     

- Worker Bid or Directly contact you.     


4 reasons why you'll love the WorkDone App :

🔥 Large types of Workers – Users can select the best bidder by checking their reviews & ratings on workers' profiles. And Users can select effective workers at affordable prices.      

🔥 No Hardship for finding workers – Now, Users do not need to go outside to find workers. Just post a work post as of work requirement, then the worker will contact users by bidding or directly on a phone call.     

🔥 All Workers at 1 Place – All skilled daily wages workers such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, farmworkers, and mechanics are available on WorkDone. Users will post a work post, and these workers will contact by bidding or directly.     

🔥 Review Detailed Profile of Worker – Users can view the profile of workers, in which their profession, work experience, average fees, Profile-photo, and other details are available.  


The following types of workers are available on WorkDone 🤩🤩 

Electrician: A electrician with a good understanding of electric work and worked professionally in all electrical services such as repairing and installing electrical appliances.     

Plumber: Sometimes, all we need is someone to repair our leaking pipes, bathroom fixtures, and sanitary work. Post a work-post of a plumber then the best nearby plumber will contact you.    

Carpenter: A competent carpenter can help users with furniture repair, installation, and assembly. We will provide users with the best services possible.    

Mechanic: A mechanic will help you with any work related to machinery. We will provide you best mechanics in your area at an affordable price.  

Painter: A good and experienced painter for painting users' beautiful houses is available near to users.  

Select a Best Worker 👌

Selecting the best worker is very easy. Users can view workers' profiles, and their reviews and ratings are available, given by users who had hired them earlier. <b>As per their previous ratings, their overall rating will decide.</b> So, if a worker has good reviews and ratings, he will be very suitable for the user's future work.    

Download the FREE WorkDone App today and experience a hassle-free worker search with WorkDone, the best nearby worker-getting App in India. 

Reach out to us at workdone@trabko.com for any feedback/issue. 

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