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Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text

04 Mar 2021 App Of The Day

Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text

by Susamp Infotech

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  • Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text
  • Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text
  • Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text
  • Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text
  • Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text
  • Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text
  • Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text
  • Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text

Tired of Typing or copy pasting your address, phone number, account details over and over again?

Writing star gives you convenience of typing less but getting long phrases by planning abbreviations of your choice.

Get an easy writing assistance tool in the form of a Writing star.

How supportive it is! When you have to give the same details to people several times, rather than copy pasting, you can directly write short forms and get whole details in a second.
It’s very helpful for frequently used terms.

Automatic expansion means, as soon as a keyword is typed, it will be replaced with its associated Text automatically. You can add the text of your choice to get replaced with short terms.

For example: If you choose Adr for address, and have added your whole address as a phrase, Next time, whenever you type Adr, You will get the whole address written on screen.

How does the Writing Star: Text Expander & Auto-complete text App work?

♦ Once you open an Application, You can “+” add a phrase of your choice.
♦ Add Short term in the given box
♦ Write down Phrase that you want to get as result
♦ In Phrase, you can also add Date, Time, Day, Month, Year, Hour on the time when you are sending a message using short term.
♦ You can also add notes, if required.
♦ In settings, You can keep night mode if needed.
♦ With the help of Text Expansion Settings, you can make your required things work.
♦ Appearance in setting explains for Overlay screen for Shortcut suggestion.

Interesting Features:


🌐 Backspace to undo:

In case you don't want to convert words in a long phrase, by pressing backspace for once, you will get your typed word back without auto-complete.

🌐 Smart case:

If while typing, your short word starts with lowercase, your long phrase conversion will also start with lowercase, and if your short word starts with uppercase, Your long phrase will also start with uppercase if you enabled smart case.

If you disabled Smart case, then whether your typed word is lower or uppercase, your long phrase will be there as you mentioned in the Writing star phrase box.

🌐 Append space:

If enabled, it will add space to the end of the inserted phrase.

🌐 Expand with space/punctual:

You can also trigger text expansion with space and punctuation characters. It means, if you add a mixture of space and punctuations, you get your phrase there as text too.

🌐 Blacklisted Apps:

Add apps for which you don’t want to get expansions of words while using those Apps.


💠 Suggestion Overlay screen:

By turning this on, you will get an overlay screen having a list of suggestions that you have added for particular words.

💠 Threshold for overlay screen:

The minimum amount of characters you need to type to get indicator window to show up

💠 Indicator timeout:

Add a time limit for which you want to allow the suggestion indicator to show up on screen.

💠 Max. shortcut suggestions to show:

Number of suggestions from available Shortcuts to get shown on screen overlay.

You will get your output given as a phrase everytime you type that short term next.

Why Writing Star?

💡 Plan shortcuts to get long texts for frequently used terms.
💡 Provide Typing help with Quick type
💡 Expanding text By putting text shortcut and phrase text
💡 Change phrase case based on shortcut case
💡 See shortcut suggestions on overlay screen
💡 Enjoy Text expansion for every text just by typing short term
💡 Easy text replacement for speed type
💡 Word replace with phrase for quick shortcuts
💡 Auto text expander for faster typing
💡 Fill text in phrase to add full forms of Shortcuts
💡 It’s not a keyboard, but a word board.
💡 Easy and quick text input assistant

Battery optimization and third party battery saver apps can prevent Writing star from doing its job properly. Feel free to contact us for any query and suggestion.

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