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YourMap by Moon

14 Jan 2024 App Of The Day

YourMap by Moon

by Moon Apps

  • YourMap by Moon
  • YourMap by Moon
  • YourMap by Moon
  • YourMap by Moon
  • YourMap by Moon
  • YourMap by Moon
  • YourMap by Moon

Your Map By Moon is used by event organizers, schools, colleges, offices, real-estate owners, community centers, and many others. It is available on Android and iOS devices.

What is Your Map by Moon?

Introducing Your Map by Moon, the cutting-edge solution for event organizers, educational institutions, businesses, and community centers seeking to revolutionize visitor navigation. 

Unlike conventional navigation apps that merely guide users to event venues, Your Map by Moon lets organizers create customized maps by uploading specific images of their event layouts, complete with marked locations. When visitors use the app and are granted access to their live location, Your Map by Moon guides them to their destination.

Your Map operates from both admin and user ends, ensuring flexibility and ease of use. Administrators can own the event organizer app, manage events, approve exhibitor requests, and monitor user activities. Event exhibitors can sign up, add event details, upload custom maps, and display company logos or banners to enhance their visibility. On the other hand, end users can access event exhibitors directly via maps without needing to sign in, saving time and effort in finding their intended destinations.

You also get an intuitive dashboard, real-time event updates, exhibitor location markers, and exclusive exhibitor registration with business and product details, all in one place!

Simplify visitor experiences, boost satisfaction, and ensure precision in finding event destinations with Your Map by Moon, the indispensable app for effortless event navigation.



  • Precise Navigation with Custom Map Upload

  • Effortless Visitor Guidance

  • Ensure Exact Event Location

  • User-Friendly & Diverse Usage

  • Seamless Integration with Google Maps

  • Customized Internal Maps and layouts.

  • Streamlined Event Planning

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