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Zap Zap Math

10 Jan 2022 App Of The Day

Zap Zap Math

by zapzapmath

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Zap Zap Math is a game-based learning ecosystem that makes learning math fun and engaging, with a series of games covering math topics from Kindergarten to 6th grade. Inhabited by Mathlings, the Zap Zap Math ecosystem brings fun into the equation with a whole universe of math games that are designed based on Bloom’s Taxonomy to encourage children’s critical thinking skills.

** Awards & Recognition **
• VMI Apps have more than 1 Million Downloads from approving Teachers and Parents
• Topped Rankings such as "Best New App in 10 Countries" and "Best Apps in October 2015"
• 5 Star Educational App Store Certification
• 5 Star Rating Smart Apps For Kids

** Reviews **
• "Both instructional and beautiful." - TechCrunch
• "It definitely makes learning more about fractions much more fun." - Tech in Asia
• "Cleverly addictive." - CNet Japan

Content Coverage: Math Games For All Levels K-6
Curriculum: Common Core State Standards

• Fast paced, fun and interactive math games with high replay value
• Hundreds of games for your child to practice new math topics
• Each math topic is divided into 4 Skills: Training, Accuracy, Speed and Mission
• Games advance as child progresses, training critical thinking, logic and problem solving skills
• Screen time well spent as children can play unattended, anytime, anywhere, as a supplement to class, homework, or tuition.
• Self-paced, adaptive learning helps increase children's confidence and academic interest
• Teachers and parents can track kids' individual performance via a connected Analytics Reports Dashboard, identify problem areas and recommend more targeted exercises
• A great tool for overall math health check and to deep dive into areas kids need help in

Zap Zap Math is aligned to common core standards and covers a comprehensive range of math topics delivered in a structured, module-oriented manner, including:
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Fractions
- Ratio
- Multiplication
- Geometry
- Coordinates
- Measurements
- Angles
- Time
- Pre-school Math

Help your child fall in love with math today and build a strong mathematical foundation in life!

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