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Zelish - Convenient Meal Planning & Shopping - Shop Smart, Eat better

24 Aug 2021 App Of The Day

Zelish - Convenient Meal Planning & Shopping - Shop Smart, Eat better

by Zelish - Meal Planning, Shopping & Cooking

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  • Zelish - Convenient Meal Planning & Shopping - Shop Smart, Eat better
  • Zelish - Convenient Meal Planning & Shopping - Shop Smart, Eat better
  • Zelish - Convenient Meal Planning & Shopping - Shop Smart, Eat better
  • Zelish - Convenient Meal Planning & Shopping - Shop Smart, Eat better
  • Zelish - Convenient Meal Planning & Shopping - Shop Smart, Eat better

Zelish creates a personalized homemade menu that matches your food, dietary & cuisine preferences. We understand every family is different & our menus have easy to make recipes that are not only delicious but also quick & tailored to your taste. We unify the disjointed aspects of making a homemade meal: planning, grocery shopping & cooking. Relieve yourself of the stress of kitchen chores & get an exciting meal without the hassle night after night.
Key Features-

We tailor-make meal plans that best suit your preferences, allergies, goals & overall health. Whether you like to plan for a week or a day, we uncomplicate planning. Our meal plans are flexible, fun & delicious. No diet food, unless you want it. Promise.
* Curated Recommendations: Get inspired by meal plans that are customized for you by the food experts. They are simple & loved by all, not to forget, wholesome & healthy.
* Full control: If you are unsure of any suggestion, simply replace it with something you like with a click or select from our picks.
* Get inspired: Find new recipes from our collection of 10,000+ recipes.
* Stay Inspired: Wishlist your favourite recipes & create your own cookbook or family board to have everything you love in one place.

Zelish makes your mundane grocery shopping, smarter. Get a dynamic shopping list with all the ingredients basis the recipes you select. Simply collaborate with your family or be on the top of your ingredients inventory using Pantry.
* Automatic Grocery List Builder: Select the meals you want to eat at home & we automatically create the shopping list with all the ingredients for you. We calculate the right quantity of the item so you don’t have to.
* Hassle-free, One-Click Online Grocery Order: Review the list & order your groceries with a click. We deliver fresh & best quality ingredients at low prices. Get them delivered right at your doorstep at a time slot convenient to you.
* Flexible Shopping Experience: Add extra items by simply searching with our search bar. Type brand/category/item name. Add, edit, change the quantity from the cart.
* Be on top: Know what’s in stock in your kitchen with our Pantry. Our engine seamlessly adds any item that would soon be over so that you never run out of essentials.
* Share: Simply collaborate with your family members to add or edit the list & get the right groceries delivered right at your doorstep.

It’s a constant challenge to consume vegetables & meat when it's fresh. Things go stale often & truth be told, it breaks our heart. Zelish takes every ingredient’s shelf life into consideration. Make food easily with our simple recipes.
* Cook Better: Let step by step guides help you to become better cook one meal at a time.
* Communicate easily: Share the recommendations & the video recipe with your cook so that they can make things faster & better. Automatically trigger a voice note to keep them informed.
* More savings & less wastage: We get you the right quantity so your vegetable or meat never goes stale again. We design the plan in a way that groceries are consumed much before they begin to rot. This translates to less wastage & more savings.

We recommend you dishes that can be made with what you have saving you that unnecessary visit to the grocery store. Get simple recipes in the app with detailed recipe instructions, pictures & videos.
* Filter & sort: Find the right dish & recipe specific to your diet & sort them with ingredients or time it takes to make or use the friendly search tags & collections like under 20 mins recipes, green leafy dishes, cuisine, first time cooking, easy to make etc.
* Find inspiration: We have 1000+ recipes for every dietary preference like vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, eggitarian, dairy-free, egg-free, keto & cuisine preference like Indian, North Indian, South Indian, Mexican, Continental, Chinese, Italian, Thai & Asian for breakfast, lunch, dinner, soup, drinks & snacks.


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