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ZoomZoom : Cab Driver, Build Career & Earn Money

22 Feb 2021 App Of The Day

ZoomZoom : Cab Driver, Build Career & Earn Money

by Zoom Innovations Inc.

  • ZoomZoom : Cab Driver, Build Career & Earn Money
  • ZoomZoom : Cab Driver, Build Career & Earn Money

One of the leading Niagara taxi services, ZoomZoom Partner offers an exemplary platform to bring your driving skills to use and earn money for your services. The app gives a stable and ever-flourishing opportunity for the cab drivers in Niagara. Unlike waiting for uncertain hours to get a passenger, you can now be a ZoomZoom driver and enjoy a seamless work pattern.

The most distinguishing feature of the app is that it values all its cab drivers equally as part of its Zoom community which serves as one of the most trusted taxi services in Niagara. With the provision of systematic driver training, easy navigation of routes and schedules, simplified insurance cards, and other features, the app serves as a reliable and leading cab service in Canada.

With more and more people opting for a car booking app or taxi services, you as a car driver have immense opportunities to drive with Zoom.

What makes ZoomZoom Partner stand out?

• Unlike any other cab drivers, as a Zoom driver, you have the flexibility to choose the driving hours as per your convenience.

• With the app's GPS assistance, you can easily reach the right destination for both pick-up and drop-off.

• Customers can either make a cash payment or use a credit card to pay the ride fare. Thus, collecting your ride fare is easy and manageable as a Zoom cab driver.

• The customer support system is available all-day-long to help you with all kinds of troubles or issues with the app. As a Zoom driver, you can even make a call to the customer support team during the ride. The app also gives you the choice of visiting one of its offices for complaints or issues.

How to get started as a Zoomer?

• Firstly, you will have to register your details at zoom.cab/driver.
• Post that, you will have to complete the driver training to be eligible as a Zoomer.
• Now you are all set to download the app, register on it using your mail ID, join Zoom, and take up your first ride.

What all will you find on the app?

• Home: The 'Home' screen will show an 'online' button which will automatically switch on once you open the app. You will also find the 'cash balance', 'soft limit', and 'hard limit' at the top.

• History: This section of the Zoom car booking app shows a record of the amount earned throughout the week. It is shown in the form of a graph. You can even skip to the previous weeks and see history.

• Wallet: In this section, you will be able to view your 'current credit' at the top and the two distinct sections namely 'soft limit' and 'hard limit'. Here, credit is the money due to the app for past bookings.

• Bank: Here you will find two sections using which you can connect your Zoom cab driver account to your stripe account or simply link with your bank account.

• Portal: This section shows the total number of bookings, total earnings, the average rating, and other time-related data on a particular day.

• About: You can go to this section and like or follow the app on its social media handles to stay updated about everything related to the Zoom taxi app.

• Support: It is the crucial part of the app as it stands responsible for resolving your issues with the app.

• Invite: You can even invite your friends, ask them to join Zoom, and in return, you will earn some exciting offers.

So, why simply be a taxi driver when you can be a Zoomer!

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