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ZoomZoom : Car Booking, Reliable & Affordable Ride

14 Feb 2021 App Of The Day

ZoomZoom : Car Booking, Reliable & Affordable Ride

by zoomzoom

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  • ZoomZoom : Car Booking, Reliable & Affordable Ride
  • ZoomZoom : Car Booking, Reliable & Affordable Ride
  • ZoomZoom : Car Booking, Reliable & Affordable Ride

Zoom taxi, one of the prominent Niagara taxi services, offers a hassle-free commute through its easy-to-use app. When riding with the ZoomZoom cab, you can be sure of a reliable and affordable ride any time throughout the day. So, going to your workplace or showing up at your relatives is now made easy with a swift and accessible cab service at your hand's reach.

With this app, you can book a ride to anywhere in Niagara and be sure of a safe and comfortable journey throughout. You can get started with this online booking car service and pre-book a cab with the help of the app's simple user interface.

With an immediate pick-up, multiple payment options, an active customer support system, and several other useful features, the ZoomZoom affordable cab booking is going to be your go-to travel partner.

What makes ZoomZoom a reliable cab booking app?

Easy sign-in options: It is very easy to start using the app with a simple sign-in option using your mail ID.

Pre-book your cab: After signing in on the app, you can pre-book a cab by clicking on the 'Book a Ride' button on the app.

Add locations into the favourites section: You can save a location for future or frequent use by tapping on the 'heart' icon on the right-hand side of the search bar. This feature on the Zoom car booking app will help you save a lot of time and effort every time you would wish to book a cab for the same destination.

Add contacts for an emergency: This ride sharing app allows you to add up to three emergency contacts on the app for your safety in some kind of unprecedented situation.

Check and compare prices: One of the most unique features of the app is the Rate Card feature where you can check the prices of different cabs available at that time.

How to use the ZoomZoom online car booking service?

• Download the app and sign in using your mail ID.
• After signing in, you can directly proceed to car booking in advance by clicking on the 'Book a Ride' tab and choosing the location for both pick-up and drop-off.
• You can even add your frequently-used or visited locations in the favourites section by tapping on the 'heart' icon available on the right-hand side of the search bar.
• You can check and compare the fare estimate by clicking on the 'Rate Card' tab before finalizing a ride.
• After choosing a suitable ZoomZoom driver and the desired cab, confirm your pick-up and drop-off location, and then click on the 'Confirm Booking' button.
• After that, you will receive the details of the ride as well as the driver that will allow you to track the ride.
• Once the driver arrives to pick your ride, you can share your location with any or all of the three emergency contacts that you have added to the app.
• If you have a weekend or late-night plans, you can even schedule rides any time and simply board the cab at the scheduled time without worrying about finding a non-booked cab.
• The app takes care of all your comfort and conveniences. Thus, it offers you multiple payment options including cash payment and credit cards.

After reaching your destination, take a few moments and rate your driver and the service offered by ZoomZoom. In case of any issues, simply reach out to the customer support team who are always on their toes to help you out. Head on to a reliable ride anywhere in Niagara with the ZoomZoom app.

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