Are you running an e-commerce business on social media?

If you're in search of ways to enhance your business on Instagram? Well, you’ve stepped into the right place. I'll share some secrets with you!

Instagram is one of the top-notch social media platforms, which fills with tons of young people. It is the right channel for people who target the younger generation. To be frank, people love to hang out with this platform, especially on Instagram stories. With the help of private Instagram profile viewer apps, you can see a bunch of enthralling features, tools, stickers of other Instagramers, which pull the millions of people's eyeballs easily.  That’s why people are fond of Instagram stories. Hence, without any second thought, e-commerce owners can kick in their business on Instagram stories.

e-commerce business on social media

Do you know?

 It ranked 4th place under the best social media platform category.

 It has 1.3 billion active users.

 70% of Instagram users like to watch stories.

 86.5% of people share their stories.


Growing your engagement rate and displaying your product surprisingly is quite a challenging task. In this article, you could spot some effective ideas for Instagram stories to promote your e-commerce products.

Let’s dive in,

Instagram stories

# 1. Links & Shopping Stickers Are Must

Making people easy to purchase your product is the smart trick to boost your sales count. Include link stickers to your stories, which helps to pull viewers to your online store or shopping website. On the other hand, you can effortlessly open your shop on Instagram.

Just follow the steps below,

  • Confirm eligibility   
  • Ensure you have a business account   
  •  link your Facebook page   
  •  Publish a product catalog   
  •  finish account review   
  •  Turn on shopping   
  •  Create content actionable   

It helps to tag your product or stories. Remember, whenever you speak about your product, include either links or shopping stickers. It makes people easily place an order, without searching for it outside the app.

# 2. Don't Preach Tell Them a Story

One of the fabulous ways to make the audience connect with your product is by telling the brand or product stories. Like, how you begin, what brings you here, sharing values, usage, in an appealing way. For instance, express how it has produced a significant impact on the lives of your customer. While telling your story, put it in plain words, which helps to provoke the customer's frame of mind. Don't forget to create a story that must resonate with your target audience.

# 3. Embrace UGC While Showcasing Your Product

Encourage the audience or customers to share, create content related to your product. Trust me, it's a triumph card to build trust and authenticity in front of your potential audience. Plus, ensure your customers tag either your business name, focused or branded hashtags. Do you know what? Through motivating, reacting to audience content, it's possible to get bags of UGC, which you can re-publish to your stories. To be frank, people love to get their content on brand profiles. Coupled with, it amazed them you saw their stories, re-post them on your profile.

# 4. Share Sneak peek of Upcoming Content

Creating hype among your followers is the way to make them connect with your brand or product. Yes, suppose you're planning any brand-new product event. Why can't you share teaser snippets? to create buzz. Don't reveal everything. Just like a hint, post pics or video, but assure it must tempt them to wait, watch completely.

# 5. Share Promo Codes, Discounts, Offs 

You can appreciate the followers who evenly engage with your stories, post by offering them exclusive deals, offers, discounts, and more. Trust me, by this way, you’re providing a powerful reason for them to connect with your account.

# 6. Be Super Active

Maintaining a maximum presence on the Instagram stories will assist you in holding your engagement rate for a long time. Hence, keeping your Instagram stories active is an effective way to promote and engage with the audience. It is better to create a content calendar for your story, to post consistently. It helps you to plan & create stories accordingly. Ensure you come up with unique and engaging stories every day to entertain your audience. Remember, your story must directly or indirectly promote your product or service, anyway.

# 7. Suggest Other Businesses What Your Customers Love,

There is nothing wrong with pouring some favor into other small industries that belong to your field, which is striving hard to reach their goals like you are. When you're sure that your potential customers are likely to buy from it, don’t forget to tell them. You can post stories that highlight this business. Make sure you tag them on your stories, it lets your audience visit their account.

# 8. Slay With Behind-The-Scenes

Behind-the-scenes content will not only beneficial for promoting e-commerce business but also build a strong bond with your brand. Usually, people will be more likely to purchase the product when they have a strong connection with that brand. Do you know? It's one of the trending content in front of your audience. Plus, people eagerly wait to spot what’s happening behind the camera. You can make the most of it by posting behind the scenes of your current happening. For instance, you have press meet, ad shoots, photographs, events, meetings, special occasions.

# 9. Pinpoint Your Company Culture

Currently, people are pouring more interest in knowing about the company info like your culture, employees, success stories. People will do some favor for small businesses, especially when they have in touch. So, you can let your audience know important values and terms. If you're more comfortable addressing social issues, start to discuss perceptively with your audience.

# 10. Ask Questions, Run Polls

Finally, satisfying the customer’s satisfaction is the goal of any business, right? Hence, ask questions, make use of poll stickers, and other useful stickers to know your audience's opinion. Getting their feedback, preferences, needs will help you serve them in a better way.

Ask Questions, Run Polls

Summing Up 

On Instagram, you can spot tons of small businesses, brands, and companies who use this channel to promote their outcome. So, to beat the competitors, stand out from the crowd, you need to create high-quality and alluring stories every day. Ensure it must match your brand's values and personality. Plus, your content needs to be naturally attached to your e-commerce business.