Social media has massively transformed the way businesses do marketing. If businesses execute the strategies well, the benefits would be endless. Before diving deep into the various strategies that can help to double your profit, let us take a look at some statistics.

Social Media statistics


83% of people use to search for new products

Facebook ads

Seventy Percentage of marketers use to advertise their product

Aren't these eye-openers? If you are not in social media, you are clearly missing out a huge chunk of revenue.

Keep reading if you are ready to jumpstart your social media strategy.

1. Understand your target audience:

If you don't know your audience, how are you going to sell? Reaching out to the segmented audience is crucial. In order to effectively learn about your audience, you need to survey your audience, grasp their pain points, analyze the demographics, interact, respond, reply to their comments, and collect feedback.

For those who want to streamline this process, implementing white label Facebook ads services can be a smart solution, providing targeted advertising based on the audience's behavior and interests. By using these services, you can ensure that your marketing strategies are not only efficient but also tailored to meet the unique needs and desires of your specific audience.

Understand your target audience

2. Have a schedule and engage consistently with your audience:

"More than 70% of consumers recommend a brand, if they have had a positive experience on social media."

Connect smartly with your potential customers. Posting compelling and engaging high quality content will help to stay on customer’s mind. This also helps to show up in various newsfeeds which can ultimately attract followers. 

There are more benefits of interacting with the audience such as: 

  1. Increased brand awareness
  2. Ultimately people will trust your brand
  3. Boosted market reach
  4. Social proof for your brand
  5. Cost-efficiency
  6. Better search engine presence

3. Build your brand voice

Brand voice matters to stand out from the crowded digital landscape. Review your current voice and note how your target audience is interacting. And from here brainstorm ways to improve your brand reputation.

Have this in mind while building your brand credibility:

  • Your brand values
  • How are you different from other brands?
  • How do you improve people’s lives?
Build your brand voice

4. Share seasonal topics and event related content:

Remember that yours is a professional network. So, don’t post just to post something. Share useful and relevant information with appealing visuals. To increase engagement, ask questions and create discussions. Drop the drama and write like you talk from the reader’s perspective. Unless you are running ad campaigns with revenue-driven objectives don’t try to be very salesy. 

5. Focus on images and videos:

Creating and sharing images, videos, and GIFs that are visually appealing should be your top priority. This is the best way to build your brand aesthetically. It also helps to create an emotional response related to your business. People prefer watching a video rather than reading text when it comes to the working of a product or the ways to assemble.  

“more than ninety percentages of social media users access the channels through mobiles. “

Got the point?  

Ensure that the images and videos easily load on mobile devices.  

Focus on images and videos

6. Be consistent while using Hash tags:

Using relevant hash tag is a must to increase the rate of engagement. It makes it easy for your audience to track and interact with your brand. It also helps to increase followers and the time they spend on your account. Coco cola's #Share a Coke is the best example for this strategy. This would also help to share user-generated content.

 Here are some tips to use your hash tags effectively:  

  • Use hash tags that are trending  
  • Use hash tags that are unique to your campaigns 
  • Use hash tags that are related to your post content 
  • Use hash tags for high quality brand engagement  

7. Use native chats to offer sales support

More than 26% of customers abandon their online cart due to complicated process or questions that they are unable to answer. These people are genuine leads and are ready to purchase, so losing them would be a great mistake. Make sure that you optimize your CTA so that the buyer can reach out to you for assistance to complete the purchase if he runs into any problems. Installing a live chat, adding a CTA with “email us at...” or creating a Twitter account exclusively for sales support will aid doubling the conversions.  

8. Tag products on Instagram stories from your ecommerce inventory:

If you ever have tried a private Instagram profile viewer to see some of the successful profiles, you may find using tags very common. You may also use shoppable tags in your instagram followers stories so that when a fan clicks on the product, he will be able to access vital information like the name of the product, price, and the product description. What Does NFS Mean On Instagram this will induce instant purchases.  

9. Redirect your social media traffic to your website

Never forget that your website is your main conversion tool and social media is meant to entertain, engage, and educate. Drive all the traffic to your website with specific landing pages for effective conversions. This can bring more prospects to the sales funnel. Tracking the posts which steer more traffic to your website can throw valuable insight into your target audience. Take care to set these types of posts to automatically enter your social feeds.  

10. Offer Flash sales

Flash sales that come with huge discounts help to build excitement and scarcity across a few specific items. They result in a large number of orders and quick conversions. Share messages about the products, discount codes, coupons, and info that will help to increase the conversions. 

11. Turn your fans into brand ambassadors

Promote your products using your loyal fans. According to recent statistics, more than 70% of people say that user-generated content on social media hugely influences their purchase decisions.  
Encourage your passionate fans to share their reviews and experiences about your product in exchange for freebies or discounts on your social account. This will help to generate a buzz about your brand on the social channels. 

12. Run contests to amplify your social media strategy:

Running contests is one of the most proven and successful strategies that you can use to increase engagement, traffic, online visibility, and followers. The key to success is to make the content irresistible and offering something with tremendous value. Think about these factors before launching a contest: 

  • What is your goal (like, shares, increasing followers, etc.,) 
  • Which social media are you planning to host the contest 
  • The deadline of the contest 
  • The date the winner will receive the prize
your social media strategy

To get more than expected results, set the contest with extra entries for sharing. Or ask them to like or share to enter the contest. You can also ask them to share from one platform to another like: "Share on Facebook."

13. Redirect traffic from social media to your website.

Sometimes, however effective, and well-targeted your ads may be, the users will not make the purchase. Getting them to visit your page itself is enough for starters. You can get valuable insights into the people who are interested in your product. Use this info in your subsequent ad campaigns to prevent customers from slipping away.

The Final Word

Your social media strategies will work to give better results if you club them with your digital marketing strategy. Now that you know the various ways to increase sales through social media, start implementing them in real-time and see the changes.