It is now more important than ever to have an online profile. No matter what stage of your life you are in, whether you are looking to change careers or just to share your story, how you present yourself online will determine what others think about you.

We've collected the best resources to help you take control of what other people see. These services can help you build your online identity--the way that you want--in no matter how big or small.

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A simple landing page


This is the fastest and most efficient way to create a web presence. It makes it easy for people find you and to learn more about you. This is your about me personal home page. You can upload a beautiful photo, bio text, and links from your social profiles.

2. is similar to It gives you a landing site to gather all of your social media accounts. What is it that makes it unique? You can also link to your Linkedin profile, or hire professional resume writers for perfecting it. Anyway, it allows you to have multiple pages and embed audio or video. This is great for displaying your portfolio or creating a creative resume.

3. Strikingly

Although Strikingly is a landing page, it looks stunning and mobile- and tablet-friendly. website. You can create a page in less than 30 minutes with full-screen images, sections that show off your many facets and links to all ways to contact you. This page is ideal for someone who has many projects to showcase.

4. is a step above and It's a more complete profile than a simple landing page. It can be used to promote your expertise, press mentions, connections, and get other people excited about you. It's a version of a LinkedIn profile but it is customizable and, um, more beautiful.

5. Pixelhub

Pixelhub allows you to gather all information about yourself on the internet using one platform: photo galleries and social media content, maps and contact info. Pixelhub is especially useful for the media butterfly. It allows people to follow you from the site, and even shows live feeds of your social posts!

A Full-Blown Website

6. Squarespace

You can create a sophisticated, modern-looking website with this comprehensive platform without ever having to code. It's easy to create stunning homepages, photo galleries and professional blogs using the drag-and-drop editor. Squarespace powers millions upon websites. The first 14 days of Squarespace are completely free.

Squarespace is hiring! You can find job openings here.

7. Jimdo

Jimdo's website builder is free and allows you to create a multimedia site that serves your business or yourself. It's perfect for small business owners who want to rebrand quickly and easily. Jimdo's search engine optimization makes it easier to find your results in search engines. It also offers an "free forever" account that includes ads, which is not available with Squarespace.

8. SnackWebsites

SnackWebsites can be used on mobile devices and is easy to use. It integrates with other apps such as SnackTools, which allows you to create ad-free sites that allow you to embed blogs, photos, presentations and more. It allows you to showcase your work using photos and multimedia. This makes it a great choice for visual designers, artists and freelancers who are looking for a variety of options.

9. Wix

Wix offers everything you need to create a professional online presence. There are hundreds of templates to choose from, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Wix is unlike other website builders in that you have unlimited creative freedom to customize the templates you choose, from fonts and images, to page transition effects, but you don't need to code a word. This is the perfect solution if your website needs to look exactly as you desire.

10. Weebly

You can create a modern, functional website with tons of free themes. They look great on both your smartphone and tablet. Weebly is optimized for videos and photos with high-quality slideshows. If you want to make some extra money, Weebly supports a full ecommerce site Complete Weebly Website Builder Review.

Something Different

11. elevates resume sharing to a new level. It creates eye-catching infographics that are based on your past work. This is a great way to show everything you have done and pulls in your LinkedIn information to make it even easier.

12., another great option, can make your resume dynamic, interactive, or inspiring in a glance. It integrates with LinkedIn to display all of your accomplishments visually.

13. Somewhere

You can share your work and photos on this visual platform. You can show "moments" from work or inspiration on your personal pages, which are almost like a Pinterest. Although it is currently invite-only, you can submit a request.

14. Carbonmade

Carbonmade is an excellent way to create an online portfolio if your work is visual. Carbonmade organizes your work so that it is easy to find. You can also showcase a selection from your best pieces on one page. Which tools do you use for creating your own websites?