Beginning in the 1870s, the Bass Red Triangle set the trend of logo designing that continues to this day.  Time and again, you will hear marketers and brand experts say that a logo is the visual representation of a brand, and that you should be able to identify and relate to a brand by just looking at their logo.

Take Nike, Apple, or Coca Cola, for instance. What do you think comes to your mind when you see them?

When starting a new website for business, one might lack the resources to hire a professional designer. However today, thanks to the web you can create a logowithout the need to learn the principles of designing.

Here's a look at three such ways to make a website logo for little or no money. But, first lets discuss briefly why a logo is important and what actually makes a good logo.

Why a Logo is Important

Simply put, your logo is one of the foundation stone of your brand identity. Although, small in size a logo is big in stature and it must carry the weight of the identity that you want to portray to your audience on its little curvy shoulder.

Why a Logo is Important

Aside from letting your customers know what your company sells, you logo also represents what your stand for (your values), it provides a hint of the personality behind your brand and sets the scene for how you want your audience to connect with your business.

What makes a good logo

A successful logo needs to adhere to some basic design principles. While being unique is the driving point, one needs to get his head around the creative process to be able to get along the following points implemented correctly:

  • Being Simple - Overdoing it while creating a logo design is quite a common phenomenon. But, it’s the simplest ones who are rocking it. Both Apple and Nike are classic examples as everyone can readily recognize the brand and what they do. Not overstepping the thin line between doing and overdoing is what renders simplicity!
  • Being Unique– Like it’s being said earlier, the last thing you want your logo to look like is the spitting image of your competitor.  Sure, there are loads of design styles to choose from to match your industry, one needs to come up with something out of the box, not too crazy for people to relate with the brand readily.
  • Being recognizable - A good logo captures what it’s like inside the mind of a target customer, the likes and dislikes to get the show on the road. The logo should be easily recognizable, no matter what the viewing distance is. Yes, it does call for an enormous amount of time to be spent on research, but it’s totally worth it. If you track down the evolution of Apple’s logo, you might just come to know that.
  • What makes a good logo
  • Being Flexible - A logo should be flexible enough to look good both in black and white as well as in color. This is extremely important when you are using it on your website. Remember, any logo that is all the way complex doesn’t get transformed well into smaller formats.

Options to design a Logo

The web as it stands today is a host of valuable resources to help design a logo for your business, matching one's requirement and budget. Even if you lack design skills, you should be able to create rough sketches throwing a cue for a professional designer to score the final design. Typically, there are three different routes that one can adapt to.

Make it Yourself


Got some design skills? Or an artist flair then you can try your hand and creating your own logo. There are lots of ways to do this: You can use a professional program like Adobe Illustrator (but that’s no so cheap). Alternatively you can use an online design tool like Canva.

Hire a Designer


Hiring a freelancer can be a great option to get your logo designed. Especially if you are a bargain lover, some freelance designers can offer you pretty good rates to score some unique, original artwork for your brand. One such platform is Fiverr, where you can choose to work with some of the best designing heads who also comes at a quality price.

Logo Makers


If you don’t want make your own logo or hire a freelancer then you can use a logo design generator like tailor brands.  These logo generators create logos automatically, all you have to do is input information about your business type, and select some colors and font that you like, and boom – instant logo.

Get Designing Your Logo

Your business needs a logo, and it's so easy to create one today. And one that is professional! Obviously, designing your own logo is the cheapest option, but logo makers or hiring a freelancer are also very affordable, you can get a high-quality logo for a price that won't break the piggy bank.