The modern world portability has made all the information on the globe available to us on palm. The internet accessibility is becoming easier and easier day by day. From the world of computers tons in weight connected with hundreds of buses to the 200GM devices connected globally, the programmers have seen a lot of changes in the world of software design and development. The assembly level languages to python, ruby, etc… have seen a tremendous amount of simplification and Graphic improvements over time. The simplicity of Apps and GUI took a vital turn in software industry with the introduction of smartphones.

Not all phones being same the issue of compatibility and storage has always been a crucial element in deciding the softwares made for the device. For ex: An accounting system made for iOS may not be accessible for android users.

Thus softwares can broadly be classified as:

  1. PWA ( Progressive Web Apps : PWA are web compatible, multi platform based application softwares which are accessible on virtual machines over an active internet connection.


  2. Native Apps: Natives are device compatible, specific platform based application softwares accessed over a compatible device with or without an active internet depending on the software.

Here we are focused on 5 reasons why PWA are more effective and efficient than Native Apps:

  1. Compatibility: Device compatibility has always been  major factor while development and decision of a software. The vast technology available in market include all kinds of devices from processing speed limited to some megabytes to no limit processors processing terabytes in a second.

    PWA provides us the ease of compatibility and work with all kinds of devices with mere an Internet connection. The user does not have to worry about compatibility of app and device anymore. These Apps works with all kinds of platform including Windows, iOS, android, Ubuntu etc...

  2. Multiple Access points: Working on a App sounds so much fun when you don’t have to worry about where you are working, no download charges when you change devices and you don’t have to think about which device you are working on.

    PWA provides us the benefit of accessing a single app from multiple locations with just a secured login allowing you to work and enjoy your application with ease no matter where you are.

  3. Easily optimizable: App optimisation for a programmer is the most challenging task as it defines the users reach of an app and compatibility with devices of different resolutions and processing speeds, for which the app has to be developed differently for different devices.

     PWAs with just minor optimisations can be optimised for all high end and low end devices which has been an asset to the programmers.

  4. Less memory consumption: Memory of a computer is similar to backbone of a human skeleton, which is the most important factor in deciding the speed and productivity of an application.

     PWA are accessed on cloud as a virtual machine which makes them easily accessible and productive with low memory devices as they don't consume much of a device's memory and can be accessed faster and effectively on low end devices just with an active Internet connection.

  5. Pocket Friendly: PWA are all device compatible with an access ease, which makes them productive with no cost for compatible devices which makes them real effective and pocket friendly for the users.

No matter what devices a user is accessing, PWA has made it effective and easy for users as well as programmers to work their ends with application softwares as easy as eating a piece of cake. It is the best way for startups and evolving business out create an outreach by paining low on pocket and worrying about compatibility platforms.