Earlier, only the design of a mobile app was taken into consideration. How appealing or aesthetic it is was the only concern of mobile app developers. Apart from design, developers were majorly concerned with bugs, app store guidelines and coding.

However, now having good functionality, features, and even content is not enough, if your design does not enrich the user’s experience. It is important that you offer an interface that is accessible, functional, usable and obviously user-centric. What is more important is that you offer them an intuitive experience that requires minimal to low learning curve.

That’s why user experience is as important as the other design guidelines for app development. Defined UI and UX help define the layout of the app, as well as the placement of the different elements. It also helps decide the whitespace required for the app.

With great UI, UX becomes equally impressive. It is how the users feel when they use the app, and how they are able to use the app.

A good user experience contributes towards happy customers as their expectations with the app is fulfilled. When you design for the users, you know exactly what to insert into the apps, and what is crucial to the target market, which will ease your app’s launch. Here we will talk about the benefits associated with UX for mobile app design, and how it helps deliver the user-centric app.

1 Improves your Customer Acquisition Capabilities

Capable UX design helps with the customer’s intrigue. It concerns itself with the customer’s needs and what they expect from the mobile app. When you know and understand what the customer wants, and provide just that, they will be more than happy to use your app.

For instance, an app that provides content that is different from the others in the niche will help increase the customer’s stay in the app, and increase their engagement. The first time visit that is made out of curiosity will transform into an engaged customer.

If you keep your app updated and abreast with the latest trends in technology, you might even increase their retention rate.

As a result, with good UX design, you get to make customers stay and create brand ambassadors.

2 Lowered Costs

When we say that a good UX design helps reduce costs, what we mean to say is that you don’t need to invest in upgrade or other support costs. When your design is not user-centric or the learning curve is high, you need to invest in the training of the end users. You might even need to invest in recreating the design to meet the user’s requirements.

Apart from all this, you will need to invest in documentation and other related costs. That’s just impossible to manage. However, if you were to place some importance to UX design, you would be able to save up the costs that you might incur in other places, specifically in the training of the end users. Apart from being expensive in terms of development, it will also add stress to the bottom line, thus reducing the actual conversions.

3 Helps Build a Solid Brand

A good product results in a solid brand definition. If this is true, then you need to invest all your time and effort into creating the solid product.

When you invest time and effort into creating the UX design for your mobile app, you will actually know what brand elements will help improve the business app, and which elements need to be avoided.

As a result, you will find more users for your brand, and they will vouch for the end product. A satisfied customer will spread the word about your product. When a satisfied customer claims being happy, it will be considered and people will start looking up for the mobile app based on this reference.

Apart from getting better prospects, you also gain in terms of visibility, and value. All of this eventually helps boost your business.

4 Helps Resonate with the Audience

When you invest in understanding the UX, you are actually investing in understanding your customer, and value their input. You want to understand what makes people tick, and what makes them want to use an app. The user experience design provides you cues into your user.

For instance, if they use an app that focuses on videos in a landscape mode, then you ought to invest all your efforts into placing elements in a way that they fit the landscape view. You will need to design the app accordingly. you need to understand the stretch zone, which is reached with difficulty in the mobile app, and try to keep all elements out of that zone. This will help improve the overall design, and increase the customer's satisfaction levels.

Apart from this, you will also see a substantial reduction in the development time when you invest in user experience design. You will be clear about how you want to lay things out, thus reducing the confusion that occurs in navigation. You will also know just the features the user wants, and will be able to incorporate them in your design.

5 Improves Productivity & ROI

A good user experience design aims to improve the user's overall interaction and speed up the transactions. The idea is to make the app more profitable for the business. When the UX is user centric, you tend to smooth the performance of the mobile app, and thus lead to increased loading speed, improved usage and even engagement of the app.

When the user stays on the app for a long while, it tends to increase the app's profitability. It also increases the returns on investment for your app.

Summing Up

User experience design is important from user’s interaction, intuitivity and engagement perspectives. There are certain components to user experience design that you cannot ignore.

The first is obviously the visual design. Apart from this, you also need to consider the usability and information architecture elements when designing for the experience. Don’t forget to include the wireframes for better and clear design experiences.

When creating the UX design, make sure to have a consistent and simple layout to improve the interactions and make the design more intuitive.

You should ideally make the design focused on the end users, and design for the loading speed as well.

A well designed user experience will cater to happy customers and help build a reliable brand.