Advertisement is pivotal to brand awareness for the latter is not possible without the former. Fortunately, there are many options to advertise, including the out-of-home advertising that is especially popular currently.  Any communications agency can take their marketing game to heights of success if they smartly integrate digital marketing with OOH (Out of home).

Businesses that advertise their products and services outdoors, such as billboards, etc. seem to attract a larger audience than those who don’t. This is probably due to the fact that the majority of people spend the better part of their days out of home, such as at work, in the parks, in malls, driving around, and so on.

This is why outdoor advertisements have quite a significant impact because people outside can’t help but notice billboards and ads when they’re out and about. While this medium alone is not enough, you can integrate it with other channels for your company.

If you have come here looking for tips, we have the 5 best tips to help you design engaging out-of-home advertising in 2022.

1.    Incorporate Various Contact Points

Advertisers ought to combine multiple contact points to cater to a diverse set of consumers. the finest way to maintain consistent contact with your consumers is to be constantly in touch through multiple touchpoints. This will keep your brand topmost in their minds and all times and encourage them to take a profitable action, such as purchasing your products, by-word-of mouth, and more.

For instance, if you’ve got an event marketing to promote, you could choose the airport as the first sign of contact. You could start with digital billboards, transit wraps, and even taxi stoppers. This would help you connect with local market attendees.

You could also opt for location-based advertising, such as in retail stores, amusement parks, sightseeing attractions, restaurants, etc.

2.    Move Out of the Billboard Zone

You may consider billboards as the prototypical format of advertising, which it certainly is, but the OOH culture has grown far beyond. You can now expand your advertisement inventory with the endless variety of mediums at your disposal.

You could opt for a catchy call to action, brand awareness drives, and other eye-catching tactics that beckon consumers to your storefront, app, or website. There’s also a plethora of outdoor media catalogs including wild postings, wall scapes, mass-transit wraps, kiosks, street furniture, and whatnot.

Thanks to technology, you can now also take your OOH advertisement in the open air through drones, skywriting, and blimps. In addition to these, digital billboards driving through the streets are another great innovation where you hire service providers to cruise through crowded public areas bearing your brand message.

3.    Use the Best of Technology

Do you what has played the most crucial role in modernizing marketing? The technology of course!

Technology has taken marketing tactics to unimagined heights and we can’t say we’re displeased with the innovations. Marketing has grown far beyond the printed posters that we all once loved. This does not imply that printed posters are an obsolete medium but the stark reality is that they have paled ineffectiveness.

Today, there are several ways in which you can combine technology with your out-of-home advertising. Take technology and integrate it with OOH to reach wider audiences more proactively. You can develop creative profiles that are interactive and linear.

You can use technology to create digital billboards for your brand message or use them to interact directly with your customers. These are particularly helpful for promotions, exclusive discounts offer updates, and lots more.

4.    Include URLs and Calls to Action in OOH Ads

Gear your marketing team up to produce truly creative OOH ads that smoothly convey the brand’s URL and include calls to action as well. Including calls to action on road signs, street signs, digital billboards and more is the surest way to encourage consumers to take action.

If you’re creating outdoor ad units that will run at eye levels, you must aim to provide multichannel experiences for your customers. You can achieve this motive b leveraging QR codes and enticing visitors to your storefront, social media handles, apps, and company website.

Moreover, you can also include engaging QR codes in your street furniture, digital billboards, static kiosks, mobile billboards, city channels, bus shelters, and more to reach more people. There’s always a crowd at shopping and dining areas and installing your OOH ads around these spots will grab the attention of many.

5.    Understand Your Demographic

While designing an out-of-home advertisement, you must first take the time to understand your demographic and analyze their understanding abilities too. You can’t just place an ad outdoors randomly and expect every passerby to grasp the gist of your message.

If you wish for your ads to be successful, you must invest the necessary time and effort in understanding the various factors that are crucial for success. To start with, you must first consider the kind of setup in the areas where you plan to place your OOH ads. Is it a rural setup or a more urban one?

Next, you must identify the demographic of the audience that will frequent that area, so that your marketing team knows the appropriate language to use for them. After that, you must take the time to understand the traveling patterns to optimize your media placements and to plan your layout and environmental graphic design better.

Such analysis and planning are essential so that you align the necessary parameters perfectly and enjoy the unparalleled success of your OOH ads.

Final Thoughts

Out-of-home advertisement is an excellent method that provides a world of opportunities to marketing teams for producing impactful and engaging ads. Our tips will help you craft an appealing OOH campaign and accomplish desired results.