Getting extra income as web designers have many benefits. Besides adding a layer of financial security, you can continually hone your skills, expand your knowledge, and build connections.

However, choosing the best way to get extra income can be confusing if you have many considerations or don't know where to start. To help with that, this article focuses on five ways you can do to earn more.

1. Design Templates for Zyro Site Builder and Get Paid Forever

Zyro is a platform that provides all you need to create a website, from domain names to a visual editor. The website builder provides various web templates based on multiple categories.

Designing their templates is how you can get paid by Zyro. You can apply as a creator and join their program called Zyro Curated Templates. This program offers you to design web templates that will be used by their users. Zyro pays you every time a paying user picks your templates.

To start creating with this program, here are the steps you need to take:

      1. Sign up and create your account by filling out a form

      2. Design your templates by using Zyro's tools

      3. Submit and get your design approved

      4. Get paid when users publish a website using your template

Aside from being a great option for passive income, joining this program gives you more exposure as a web designer.

2. Design Freemium WordPress Themes and Plugins

Based on the words "free" and "premium," freemium is a product pricing strategy that begins with a free trial and continues to the paid version that offers more features. Creating freemium themes or plugins has been one of the popular ways to generate extra income through WordPress.

When you design freemium WordPress themes or plugins, the goal is to make as many upgrades possible to gain more income. To do so, we've listed a few things you need to understand, which are:

  • Price your products correctly. By researching general prices for WordPress themes and plugins, you're able to set up the best price for potential customers that aligns with the value you bring.
  • Set up your online shop. You can create it on WordPress or use marketplaces like Envato Market to sell your designs. Aside from easier sales, having an online shop allows you to know where your leads are coming from.
  • Sort out the freemium plans. Carefully select which tools or features you want to include for the free trial and the premium plan. This guarantees more users upgrading to the paid plan that leads to more revenue.
  • Start promoting to more people. When you've gained prospects from the free trial, you can promote your premium plans through emails. Use email marketing tools like MailChimp. Plan your promotion email carefully to maintain the audience's interests.

To understand how freemium works, try learning from Event Espresso. Being one of the most popular freemium plugins, they divide the features into four plans – free trial and the paid plans with an annual billing period.

3. Revise Your Pricing and Offer Extras to Earn More

Earning extra income can also be done by revising and increasing the price you charge as a web designer. However, the increased pricing must come with added values. There are two ways we're highlighting to help you revise your pricing effectively.

First, you can offer more advanced web design. Possible ways are taking client-based custom web design, using platforms like WordPress, or creating responsive web design through advanced HTML or CSS codes.

Second, you can provide more services other than web design. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Being a UX Designer. There are some similarities between a web designer and a UX designer. Both tasks include research and testing of the website, understanding user requirements, and adding visual appeal. Though it takes time and effort, being a UX designer provides values and allows you to take more projects.
  • Adding digital marketing tasks. Websites are related to many digital marketing aspects, like copywriting, social media management, logo creation, or creating SEO-friendly content. Choose one or more digital marketing tasks that best suit your expertise.
  • Offer upsell services. Upselling helps ensure you get more projects. It can happen during or after the web designing process. The best way to know when to upsell is by communicating with your client.
  • Give discounted prices for recurring clients. A part of a client-based project is building a genuine relationship, and you can improve it by giving discounts for services that you offer. It's also a great way to expand your client base and portfolio.

4. Create Web Design Content and Monetize It

One of the ways to earn passive income is by monetizing your content. Other benefits you can get are increased credibility, client relationship, and value to your work. As a web designer, you can share your knowledge or experience to create quality content.

Consider one or more methods below to monetize your content:

  • Start a YouTube channel. Monetizing through YouTube can be the best idea if you enjoy being behind the camera and plan to expand your services. Most web designers promote their other skills, and you can do this as well.
  • Write blogs. A blog is one of the flexible platforms that allow multiple monetization methods. You can create subscription-based content, use email marketing and affiliate marketing. It's also a dependable platform to promote your web design portfolio.
  • Promote your paid content through social channels. Some social media you can use are LinkedIn, Twitter, and online forums. Share links that lead to your paid freemium content.
  • Use online ads. Try using Google ads while enabling both Facebook and Instagram ads. This helps spread your content and services broader and quicker.

An example of how web designers can monetize their content is by looking at Jesse Showalter's YouTube channel. You can learn how they present themselves and provide knowledge related to web designing, UI designing, typography, and tips to find remote work.

5. Create a Membership Site With DIY Web Design Tutorials

A membership site is a member-based site that provides curated content specific to the audience. Membership sites only give access to its members, and all the content is posted regularly.

Maintaining a membership site requires more work and takes time to build. However, it's an excellent option to gain recurring income and allows you to gather all your clients or connections in one place.

To create a membership site, know and understand these points below:

  • The target of your membership site. Start by choosing your audience, their interests, age demography, and online behavior.
  • Choosing your platform. You can use platforms like WordPress with its membership site plugin to help set up your membership site.
  • The objective of your membership site. By understanding your audience, you can determine the site's goals. The objectives need to benefit you and your members.
  • The type of content you're adding to the site. Your content can be in whatever form you plan. The important thing is to be educational, informative, or entertaining for the members.
  • The frequency of your posts. Membership sites require regular posting to avoid loss of membership. So determine how frequently you plan to post while still finding the best time for you.
  • The benefits that your audience receives. Another way to keep your members entertained is by providing benefits. This can be a free service, tutorials, or other helpful materials that align with your site's objectives.

You can also learn from some examples of membership sites, like International Gem Society – a membership site for education and community of gemstone enthusiasts, and Pianu – gamified piano education. Learn how they present their content and what benefits they offer.

All in all

Though it takes time, patience, and effort, there are multiple methods of getting extra income. This article mentioned five ways to earn extra income as a web designer.

The five ways generate different income levels, but all contribute to increasing your credibility as a web designer while growing your clients or audience.

Feel free to consider one or more ways to start earning more. The final decision is in your hands.