Imagine, you have stunning content on your website or blog. What happens when nobody sees it? It's burn daylight, right?

But you know what? It's not a big task to bring traffic or readers to your blog.

The world is overflowing with content. Yes, almost 7 million blogs were posted on WordPress every day. Hence, it's necessary to put some efforts to get noticed in front of crowded markets.

If you're seriously looking for ways to intensify your blog traffic, you're just landed at the right stage. Keep scrolling to know more worthy hacks.

Let's jump,

Do you know?

75% of people have the habit of reading blogs online.

reading blogs online

Invest On Topical Research

Before you embark on your blog, it's better to identify your reader's taste, which is the first and foremost action. But most content marketers cannot smell their audience's flavor, instead, they assume they may be interested in it. We're in a fast-moving world, where people will visit blogs for two-hitting reasons. One for knowing what's happening around the world, next in seek of informative kinds of stuff. Hence pick topic according to your audience's mindset.

So yes, spend your valuable time on content research–pay attention to multiple channels, gather the current trends, experts post, check customer feedback.

Encompass Relevant Keywords

At this moment, the search engine has become the heart that brings tons of traffic to your blog. Once you are done with the title selections, make use of the keyword tools to get the stronger keywords set. It is best to use long-tail keywords. Think like a user, figure out how people will search your content or anything on the search engine. Next, collect those lists of keywords, cleverly use them in your content. On the other hand, it's highly recommended to add relevant keywords in the title, URL, meta descriptions, paragraphs, heading.

Make Visually Mesmerizing

The truth is out of 79% only 16 will read the blog; the rest see it. Just by casting their eye over the article, people will make visual judgments about whether it will be worth or not. Remember, visual elements are the most puling factor to make people engaged with your content for a long time.

Make sure to add all those following pieces of stuff

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Slide deck
  • High-resolutions, crystal clear images

When you catch the people reading style, it's easy for you to bring traffic through republishing your content on multiple platforms.

Do you know?

  • Pinterest has gained 459 million monthly active users through infographics.
  • Graphic images uplift the content engagement by 35% to 80%.
  • Pictures are the most gripping type of content which skyrockets the interaction rate by 85%.

Create Stealing Headline

Create Stealing Headline

Guess what? The title or headline of your blog has its unique tempt. As soon as when the expected visitors glimpse the headline, they will come up with a quick decision whether to click or not. Hence, headlines are playing a significant role in the audience's decision.

Ensure to add targeted keywords to your headline. It helps readers and search engines to catch you easily. Next, pour some strong emotional or connecting words, affirmative headlines boost social shares. Finally use numbers in your headlines, people find it easy and get attracted too.

Improvises Search Engine Factors

Search engine optimization is the process to enhance the quality and quantity of a website. When it comes to ranking factors, you have a bunch of areas to concentrate on which helps in search engine ranking. Let's split into two on-page and off-page.

Improvises Search Engine Factors


On-page optimization is a technique used in the content to improve the ranking.

  • For more organic traffic, follow the below tricks 
  • Add primary keyword in the URL, image file name, the intro part
  • Cover secondary keywords all around your content
  • Create a powerful title tag and meta descriptions
  • Include alt text for images 
  • Try to link internally to another related blog article on your website.


Off-page optimization is a technique that we take outside the website. It is all about building high-quality backlinks for your website.

  • Contributing guest posts 
  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Image linking
  • Infographics and more

Promote On Multiple Media

No one can deny the fact that social media is the best advertising media. Hence, promoting your blog post on social media is like a super driver to pull online visitors to your site. When you know to promote your blog post creatively, seamlessly bring traffic to your blog.

  • Share it on social channels 
  • Convert it into video scripts, slide decks, Twitter threads
  • Connect it with an email list
Promote On Multiple Media

The End

We all know that "content has superior space" in the digital world. Do you believe it? That almost 70% of organizations have the appropriate person to look after their content strategy.

Stick with consistency; regularly publish a high-quality blog, which must provide its unique value, informative, and engaging. Be active on the blog screen, respond to your reader's comments, and pay attention to their preferences. Build your own writing style share it on multiple platforms.