Making an e-commerce website is not a big deal in today’s tech-savvy world. But what really matters is how you convert the visitors into buyers!

Where setting up an online store is relatively easier and cheaper than a real shop, it is also quite difficult to generate sales right away. Even if you have a lot of traffic on your website on a regular basis, it takes a lot more than that to succeed in the e-commerce world.

No matter how much you invest in the marketing and promotion of your web store, the first thing that your customers will notice is your website. For this reason, you might want your web design to have a long-lasting first impression on your potential customers. After all, they are the one to spend their hard-earned money, so you better gain their trust first!

Customers take no time to hit the cross button if they come across a website with glitches, further increasing the bounce rate. If your website design itself, has many loopholes, there is a huge possibility that it will also put all your other efforts in vain.

In case, you have tried everything to make your online business excel, it’s time to have a look at your website again.

Check out these 7 quick web design fixes that will help you lift your conversion rate right away!

1. Make it functional

Firstly, you need to check the fundamentals of your website to ensure proper user interface. Your website needs to be fully functional and accessible all the time so you can get maximum engagement

Also, it should load quickly, considering the short temperament of online customers. Make sure your potential client does not come across any broken link or bugs. Your e-store should be designed in such a way that customers enjoy hassle-free shopping. From adding contact and shipping details to the method of payment, you must incorporate all the basics of online business into the backend of your website as well. This will help you and your team to remain up to date with every order.

2. Readability & Compatibility

Your website design should be attractive enough. Moreover, it has to have catchy content. Use appropriate fonts and colors to improve the readability of the text. There are a number of website themes available online that you can choose from. The use of pictures and videos will also depend on the layout of the website. Moreover, you can always ask for professional help in order to make your web store look better that will ultimately lift the conversion rate.
Your web design must also be compatible to be used on various gadgets. Majority of the online customers use mobile phones to surf through web stores, so this is your key to engage them more. Websites that don’t offer a great user experience on mobiles are a major turn off for the customers.

3. Knowing your audience

All in all, it all comes down to what a customer needs!

If your web store sells a particular product-line or marketing services, it’s easier for you to target your audience. But if your online store is widespread, you have more homework to do before you can earn loyal customers.

The question arises, how to target your audience?

If your target audience is pet lovers, all you need to do is to prove that your store is all about creating a loveable and caring environment for their fluffy friends.

If you can connect with their hearts, they will eventually tend to put trust in your online store. Knowing about your niche market can help you to effectively convert them into buyers.

4. Provide adequate information

If your products do not come along with proper description and information, visitors won’t even consider to buy them. It’s partly because there are a lot of scams in the digital market. You need to tell your customers that you genuinely care about their needs and know all about the products being sold. You should not just come across as another seller who wants to earn money.

The low conversion rate of a website is partly due to inadequate information. Think from the customer’s aspect and try to answer all the possible queries.

5. Serve Relevant Content

Your conversion rate highly depends on what a customer is going to see for the first 5 seconds after landing on your web page. If the content is not relevant, you may say goodbye to yet another potential buyer.

It is not humanly possible to upload content that suits everyone. Of course, each customer has a specific intention, but you need to focus on the bigger market. So you have a few seconds to keep the visitor hooked to your website to minimize bounce rate and increase impressions.

6. Unique value proposition (UVPs)

No matter what your target audience is, little value-added services will always increase the conversion rate.

Unique value propositions (UVPs) are short statements or propositions that attract more audience by offering additional services over certain conditions.

For example, you can offer free shipping on orders above a certain amount, or you can provide guarantee and replacement of the product within 30 days.

This way, you will not only gain their trust, but there is a high chance that you have won a loyal customer.

7. Provide point-of-action assurances (POAs)

These are confidence-building elements following your Call to Actions. It is necessary to attain POAs correctly in order to predict the questions and oppositions that your visitors might encounter while browsing your site.

As it is possible that customers might come up with various queries and challenges while going through your sales channels.